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For media inquiries, contact

Family Assistance

To contact Family Assistance, please email


  • I want to report an accident: See the aviation accident / incident reporting requirements page​ for full details on the process.​
  • I witnessed an accident: Please prepare a statement and email it to Please be sure to include a telephone number so that an investigator may contact you directly if necessary.
  • I want a copy of an accident report:(Melba?)
  • I have a comment or question about an accident report:(correspondence?)
  • I can't locate the docket:​ Please contact

FOIA Requests

Accident Data

  • I need help using CAROL: See the CAROL help page​​.
  • I have suggestions to improve CAROL: Please email your suggestions to XXXXX​
  • I would like to download the NTSB accident data: See the accident data page​ for datasets and istructions.
  • I need help conducting a search of accident data: Please email your question​ to XXXXX​

Report a TCAS Resolution Advisory

Please see the report an accident page for details on submitting your TCAS resolution advisory.


For any of the issues below, please email

  • I want to discuss advocacy opportunities
  • I am requesting a presenter or testimony
  • I want more information on the Most Wanted List
  • I want more information on an NTSB event


  • I would like the status of a petition for reconsideration
  • I would like general information about the NTSB
  • I have a question or comment for the Chair or a board member

Safety Recommendations

  • I received a letter from the NTSB regarding one or more safety recommendations and I have a question. (correspondence?)
  • I am responding to a letter from the NTSB regarding one or more safety recommendations. (correspondence)


For any of the issues below, please email

  • Comment on a web page
  • Report an accessibility issue on the website
  • Report a security issue on the website