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Nonpublic Meetings

A majority of the NTSB Board Members are permitted to hold a nonpublic meeting to discuss official agency business when specific criteria are met under 49 U.S.C. § 1111(k)(2).

These meetings may occur if:

  • No formal or informal vote or other official agency action is taken at the meeting;
  • Each attendee is either a member of the board or an NTSB employee;
  • The NTSB General Counsel is present at the meeting; and
  • A summary of the matters discussed at the meeting, including a list of the meeting’s participants, is made available to the public.

If the discussion is directly related to an active investigation, we will post that session summary on the date that NTSB adopts the final report.

Session summaries:

3/2/21: Most Wanted List Discussion

8/1/2022: 08012022-NCD-Session-Notes.pdf