​​​​​​​​About CAROL

​​​​​ CAROL (Case Analysis and Reporting Online), allows you to search NTSB investigations and recommendations data across all modes.

  • For aviation investigations, records from 1983 through the present are currently available. For aviation investigation information from 1962 to 1982, use the legacy Aviation Database Query. Data from 1962 to 1982 is being migrated into CAROL.
  • For investigations in other modes (rail, pipeline, hazardous materials, highway and marine), data from 2010 through the present is available​​.​
  • For recommendations there is a complete data set of over 15,000 safety recommendations.

There are three ways to search for data:

  • Simple Search allows you to search selection of fields from three categories: (1) Common Investigation Fields (2) Aviation Investigation Fields (3) Safety Recommendation Fields​.​
  • Advanced Search allows you to build custom searches by selecting from a variety of investigation and recommendation fields. You can select whether to display results that match any or all of your individual query rules, or group your rules so results match any or all of the multiple rules in your grouping​. For more information, see the CAROL advanced search help​ page.
  • Published Searches allows you to view already published popular searches on topics such as safety recommendations associated with the Most Wanted List (MWL). These canned searches show dynamic data reflecting current information in the database each time you open them​.

See the CAROL Guide​ for more information on using CAROL to search for data​​, constructing advanced queries, and for definitions of ​the database fields.

Investigation Dockets

​To search for accident dockets across all modes, use the Accident Docket Search. In the future, docket search capability will be included in CAROL.

​​CAROL​​ works with all modern browsers.​