Statistical Reviews

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​US Civil Aviation Accident Statistics​​​

2003-2022 Accident Statistics​​​​​​​​

These tables provide summary statistics for US civil aviation accidents occurring from 2003 through 2022.​


US Civil Aviation Accident Dashboard: 2008-2022

This interactive report is a companion to the accident statistics tables. It provides summary statistics for US civil aviation accidents ​occurring from 2008 through 2022.​​

Other Data Products​​​​​​​

General Aviation Accident Dashboard: 2012-2021

This interactive report provides summary statistics for general aviation accidents occurring from 2012 through 2021, including investigative findings and safety recommendations associated with these accidents.​

​​​Survivability of Accidents Involving Part 121 US Air Carrier Operations: 2020 Update 

​This is an update to the NTSB safety report Survivability of Accidents Involving Part 121 US Air Carrier Operations, 1983 Through 2000. The NTSB examines the overall proportion of occupants who survive if they are in an accident involving an aircraft operated under Title 14 CFR​ Part 121 (generally defined as large aircraft operated by airlines and cargo carriers), and whether this has changed since the NTSB’s 2001 report. The prevalence of serious injuries in Part 121 aircraft accidents is also assessed.

2013–2017 Update to Drug Use Trends in Aviation​ 

​This safety research report provides updated information regarding trends in the prevalence of over-the-counter, prescription, and illicit drugs identified by toxicology testing of flying pilots who died in aviation accidents during the years 2013 through 2017. The data for this update were obtained from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Civil Aerospace Medical Institute’s Forensic Sciences Laboratory toxicology database and the NTSB aviation accident database. This update did not assess the likelihood of a pilot’s impairment in any of the accidents.​​​