Aviation Information Resources

The Aviation Information Resources (AIR) provides convenient access to NTSB aviation safety products. Review our accident database and accident dockets for each case, read our safety studies, learn about our safety recommendations, and access many other important aviation-related resources using the links below.


Safety Advocacy

Aviation Safety Alerts

Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements

Safety Recommendations

Safety Alert Videos (playlist on NTSBgov YouTube Channel)

Safety Compass Blog

NTSB Advocacy Spotlight newsletter

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Aviation Accident Information

Aviation Accident Database

Major Aviation Accident and Recommendation Reports

How to Look Up an Accident:

From the Aviation Accident Database, enter your search criteria, and click on “Submit Query” at the bottom of the page. A list of associated events will be listed and the column labeled “NTSB No.” is the accident number. Retrieve the factual and probable cause reports using the available links.

To retrieve the docket of supporting materials for each report, go to the Accident Dockets search page and enter the NTSB accident number. If the accident number is unknown, the other search parameters may be used. Then click on “Find” and the accident docket (or list of applicable dockets) will be provided. Click on the applicable “NTSB Accident ID” link to open the docket and access the contents. Public dockets prior to June 1, 2009, were not automatically posted to our website. If you are unable to obtain the docket online, please request using our online contact form or call 800-877-6799.

Accident Dockets

Data and Statistics

Aviation Statistics

Accident Animations (playlist on NTSBgov YouTube Channel)

Accident Investigation Process

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Training Center

Safety Seminars

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About the NTSB




Board Members

Office of Aviation Safety

NTSB Employment and Careers

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Report an Aircraft Accident

Records Management Division
800-877-6799 or 202-314-6551
Freedom of Information Act FOIA

Public Affairs
Media Resources

Transportation Disaster Assistance
800-683-9369 or 202-314-6185
email: assistance@ntsb.gov

Contact NTSB


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