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Office of Highway Safety
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 Office of Highway Safety

The Office of Highway Safety investigates significant crashes likely to impact the public's confidence in highway transportation safety, generate high public interest, or highlight national safety issues. Investigators examine accidents involving issues with wide-ranging safety significance, such as collapses of highway bridge structures, fatalities on public transportation vehicles (such as buses and vans), and collisions at highway/rail grade crossings. In addition to these more catastrophic crash events, the Office of Highway Safety also conducts studies based on emerging trends from crash investigations and other research to identify common risks or underlying causes of crashes.

The Investigations Division

The Investigations Division is comprised of three investigative teams, each led by an Investigator-in-Charge. Each team is formed by investigators that specialize in human performance, highway factors, vehicle factors, survival factors, and commercial motor carrier operations. Team members are distributed throughout the country to enhance geographic coverage and reduce response time.

The Report Development Division

The Report Development Division is responsible for researching and developing national highway safety issues and managing the development of the final accident reports and safety recommendations. The Division is also responsible for managing Public Hearings related to ongoing accident investigations and forums or other venues designed to make the public more aware of highway safety issues.

Senior Staff

Robert Molloy,

Kristen Poland,
Deputy Director

Mark Bagnard,
Investigations Division Chief

Lisandra Garay-Vega,
Report Development Division Chief



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