Safety Research

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As part of the agency's mission, the NTSB:

  • aggregates and updates aviation accident data for government, industry, and the public;
  • publishes statistical reviews of aviation accident and injury data; and
  • conducts research studies about transportation safety

The Office of Research and Engineering has the lead role in safety research and colla​borates with modal offices to develop these products.


Accident Data

We​ maintain the official census of US civil aviation accidents for the United States. These data are updated on the first day of each month and the database is available to the public for download.

Learn more on our Accident Data page.

Statistical Reviews

We publish aggregate analyses of aviation safety data. These statistical reviews include:

  • ​an annual summary of US civil aviation accidents with statistics for ​air carriers, commuter and on-demand carriers, and general aviation;
  • an interactive dashboard for exploring US civil aviation accident data; and
  • analyses of specific topics such as general aviation safety, accident survivability, and drug use trends in aviation.
​Learn more on our Statistical Reviews​ page.

Safety Research Reports

We conduct​ research, data analysis, and reporting on emerging transportation safety problems and past accident and injury trends. Safety research reports examine:

  • ​risks or hazards within any transportation mode that may influence accidents or injury;
  • techniques and methods of accident investigation; or
  • the effectiveness of transportation safety countermeasures.

This research helps stimulate improvements in transportation policies, programs, activities, methods, or processes, and may also advance technical improvements in transportation systems, subsystems, or equipment.

Learn more on our Safety Research Reports​ page.​