Prepare and Train for Transportation Accidents

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NTSB’s Transportation Disaster Assistance (TDA) Division can help your family assistance response community prepare and have an effective response plan in place following a transportation accident. Our specialists collaborate with representatives from:

  • local, state, tribal and federal government agencies;
  • nongovernmental and private organizations; and
  • transportation industry.

Our goal is to ensure key concepts of family assistance operations are understood and successfully implemented during exercises and responses involving NTSB investigations.

​​Visit the NTSB’s Family Assistance Resources Library to find information regarding federal family assistance legislation, framework, and guidance.

Take Training 

TDA also offers training workshops and presentations on family assistance operations after transportation disasters. ​​​If you would like to learn more about specialized TDA training opportunities or the TDA Division’s Family Assistance Operations bi-annual course, please contact us at ​ [email protected].