Summary of US Civil Aviation Accidents For Calendar Year 2012

General Aviation

General Aviation Data Spreadsheet in MS Excel format (data updated on January 13, 2014)
General aviation is the umbrella term for any operation that is not governed by Parts 121, 135, or 129. General aviation covers a wide range of operations and aircraft, from powered parachutes and light-sport aircraft to turboprops and jets used for a variety of flying. In addition, general aviation includes some types of commercial activities.

General Aviation Accidents in 2012


General Aviation Accident Data, 2003-2012

Bar Graph Gerneral Aviation Accidents 2003-2012. Gerneral Aviation Accident Rates 2003-2012.

Purpose of Flight and Aircraft Category for General Aviation Accidents, 2012

Table General Aviation Accident Aircraft by Flight Purpose and Aircraft Category 2012

General Aviation Personal Flying Operations

Personal Flying Hours, 2003-2012. Bar Graph Personal Flying Accidents, 2003-2012
Personal Flying Accident Rates, 2003-2012 
Personal Flying Accident Rates, 2003-2012 Phase of Flight for Personal Flying Accidents, 2012.

General Aviation Activity Data, 2003-2012

Chart General Aviation Flight Hours 2003-2012. 
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