Summary of US Civil Aviation Accidents For Calendar Year 2012

Part 121

Part 121 Data Spreadsheet in MS Excel format (data updated on January 13, 2014)
This section provides a summary of the activity and experiences of air carriers regulated by Part 121. These operators generally fly large, transport-category aircraft carrying passengers, cargo, or both for hire. The figures in this section use accident categories that were developed by the Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST)/International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Common Taxonomy Team (CICTT). 

Part 121 Accidents in 2012

Part 121 Accident Data, 2003-2012

Bar Graph Part 121 Accidents 2003-2012. Graph Part 121 Accident Rates 2003-2012.

Part 121 Accident Severity, 2003-2012

Table Part 121 Accidents by Severity 2003-2012. 
NTSB Accident Severity Categories, 2003-2012
The aircraft was destroyed, OR
There were multiple fatalities, OR
There was one fatality AND substantial damage to the aircraft.
A single fatality without substantial damage to the aircraft, OR
At least one serious injury AND the aircraft was substantially damaged.
Non-fatal accident with at least one serious injury but no substantial damage to the aircraft.
No person was killed or seriously injured, but the aircraft was substantially damaged.

Defining Events and Phases of Flight for Part 121 Accidents in 2012

International Civil Aviation Organization Code Definitions:

(From the Official Website for Aviation Common Taxonomies)
Defining Event (Occurrence Category)
Phase of Flight
Bar Graph Part 121 Defining Event for Accidents 2003-2012.Bar Graph Part 121 Phase of Flight Accidents 2003-2012. 

Part 121 Activity Data, 2003-2012

Source: FAA
Graph Part 121 Flight Hours 2003-2012.Graph Part 121 Departures 2003-2012 
Graph Part 121 Passenger Enplanements 2003-2012. 
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