Safer Seas Digest


​​​Since 2014, the Office of Marine Safety has issued the Safer Seas Digest, an annual publication organized around NTSB marine investigations completed during the previous calendar year. Safer Seas shares the safety issues identified and recommendations developed during these investigations with the marine community. It also highlights lessons learned that can prevent or mitigate future losses.

Safety issues identified in marine investigations have included:

  • Organizational oversight
  • Fatigue
  • Master/pilot exchange
  • Proper navigation
  • Dynamic risk assessment
  • Proper lookout
  • Early communication prior to and during emergency situations
  • Heavy weather conditions
  • Seafloor hazards in undersea operations
  • Effective hull and structural component inspection and maintenance
  • Watertight integrity and subdivision
  • Fire protection during hot work
  • Securing ventilation and openings during a fire
  • Remote fuel oil and lube oil cut-off valves
  • Labeling of alarms