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What is the issue?

RecordersOver the decades, new recorder technologies have been developed, increasing the likelihood of identifying the cause of an accident that 20 years ago would have gone unsolved. However, certain categories of aircraft and other vehicles are not equipped with some of these technologies, which would aid in identifying crash causal factors by providing critical information on vehicle dynamics and occupant kinematics. For example, in a motorcoach, an electronic data recorder (EDR) would provide vehicle dynamics and passenger occupant kinematics to help evaluate injury exposure, as well as evaluate passenger protection safety devices and systems. Using this type of data, investigators can predict potential injury mechanisms and the effects of various design elements on occupant protection systems.
In other cases, even with better techniques, better tools, multiple onboard computers, and data and voice recorders, some questions remain unanswered because we lack the first-hand knowledge that can only be gleaned from image recordings. Although image recorder technology is relatively low cost, its use remains voluntary throughout the transportation system. Further, the use of recorded information for operational and safety oversight purposes provides an opportunity to identify and address safety issues before accidents occur. While some operators have implemented or are in the process of implementing such programs, regulatory requirements to do so are nonexistent, and most operators across the transportation industry are not proactive in this area.


What can be done . . .

Most of the difficult work has already been accomplished by the industry. Low-cost, compact image recorders capable of storing several hours of information are readily available. We simply need the regulations to require their use, where the expectations for promoting safety are higher and therefore outweigh some privacy concerns. Other low cost data/audio/image crash resistant recorders are also readily available and can be easily installed in vehicles that currently do not require crash hardened recorders (such as aircraft cockpit voice recorders).


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