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Closing Statement - Fire aboard the Roll-on/Roll-off Passengar vessel Caribbean Fantasy
Robert L. Sumwalt
Washington, DC

In closing, I would like to thank the staff for its hard work. I also want to thank my colleagues for their preparation going into the board meeting, and for the good debate and discussion. My special thanks to Adam Tucker, the investigator-in-charge.

The recommendations that we issued today, if acted upon, will improve marine safety. They address at multiple levels one specific concern, the functionality of quick closing valves. Our recommendations to Baja Ferries to assess their fixed firefighting systems and review their lifesaving appliance training are likewise remedial.

Broader recommendations aim to provide for improved safety management within the company and tighter safety oversight at many levels.

If acted on, these broader recommendations would bolster proactive pursuit of safety, rather than provide piecemeal corrective actions afterward.

I urge the recipients to act on these recommendations, so that this fortunately non-fatal fire is not remembered as the dress rehearsal for a future tragedy.

We stand adjourned.