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Remarks during Mark V. Rosenker's Swearing-In Ceremony, Washington, DC
Mark V. Rosenker
National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Mark V. Rosenker's Swearing-In Ceremony, Washington, DC

Mr. Vice President, Sec Cino, Fellow Board members, modal administrators, distinguished guests, friends and most importantly the great men and women who make up the staff of the NTSB. Thank all of you for taking time to join Heather and me at this swearing in ceremony. I am extremely grateful to you Mr. Vice President for taking the time to appear here at our Hq, and recognize and compliment the NTSB for the important role it plays in making America’s transportation modes the safest in the world.

I am particularly grateful to President Bush for this appointment and for his confidence in my ability to continue to serve our Nation in this unique and critically important position.

For nearly four decades the National Transportation Safety Board has been at the forefront of transportation safety issues, the conscience, if you will, of America’s vital transportation network. The NTSB is not only our nation’s premier accident investigation agency, but also enjoys an excellent reputation as the most authoritative independent safety investigative body in the world.

The Board has worked long and hard over the years to maintain its reputation as being the “best in the safety business”.

While serving as Chairman of the NTSB, I will do everything within my power to ensure that the decisions I make and the votes that I cast are done in a sprit of maintaining and improving safety for the traveling public.

I think we can all agree, America’s transportation industry is one of its most important economic assets, and as such, protecting the vitality of this sector by ensuring the safe movement of people and commerce is the primary and most crucial role of the NTSB. The dedicated men and women who make up the staff of the Board have made tremendous strides in making each of our nation’s transportation modes safer, thus stronger.

I am extremely honored to be at the helm of this small but effective agency and know that the tremendous team of safety experts and advocates that make up this staff are simply stated “best of the best”. I believe I can speak for all of the NTSB staff when I say “ We eagerly look forward, to continuing to make contributions to the public’s confidence in the safety of our Nation’s transportation system; thus strengthening an industry vital to America’s overall economic and national security.

And finally, on a personal note, I want to thank my wife, Heather for the tremendous, support, encouragement, and love, she has given me for nearly 14 years of marriage.

And thanks again to all of you. God Bless America