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NTSB Releases Summary Rear Seat Protection Workshop Report
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 NTSB Releases Summary Rear Seat Protection Workshop Report

WASHINGTON (Feb. 13, 2017) — The National Transportation Safety Board issued a summary report Monday on the Rear Seat Safety in Passenger Vehicles workshop held here April 26, 2016.

The report, “Rear Seat Safety in Passenger Vehicles Workshop Summary,” provides summaries of discussions held during the workshop’s breakout sessions. The report does not represent the views of, or any position held by, the NTSB, any other Federal agency, company, association or organization participating in the event.

Recent studies indicate the protection offered to rear seat occupants is not advancing as quickly as protection for front seat occupants. The workshop brought together experts in occupant protection and public health to focus on short and long term countermeasures that could improve safety for rear-seated passengers with the goal of identifying ways to improve rear seat safety in passenger vehicles. Advanced vehicle technologies, innovative seat designs, emerging seat belt technologies, areas of needed research, education, and advocacy efforts were also addressed during breakout sessions, which enabled in-depth discussions of current and future technologies, their feasibility, and cost.

The workshop breakout session discussions were aimed at countermeasures for rear seat occupant safety. The ideas are a collection of views discussed by experts in occupant protection with topics including: (1) improving rear seat design, (2) providing advanced restraints systems, (3) extending seat belt use laws [to cover all ages] to the rear seat, (4) evaluating rear seat occupant protection systems, (5) improving consumer education on rear seat belt use and available safety technologies, and (6) accelerating development of new rear seat occupant protection strategies. Moreover, breakout session participants identified the need to collect better crash- related data on rear seat occupants.

To read or download the “Rear Seat Safety in Passenger Vehicles Workshop” report visit,

Additional information from the workshop can be found in the docket at:

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