(A screen capture of one section of the NTSB's General Aviation Accident Dashboard data visualization tool. NTSB image.)​

NTSB Releases Data Visualization Tool for General Aviation Accidents


​​​WASHINGTON (Feb. 15, 2023) — The National Transportation Safety Board Wednesday introduced a new tool to visualize information about recent general aviation accident investigations.

The General Aviation Accident Dashboard provides summary statistics, investigative findings and safety recommendations for general aviation accidents from 2012 through 2021. 

The Dashboard allows users to more intuitively display accident information, reports and statistics by selecting one or more filters for year, location, phase of flight and defining event. Accident findings are displayed in a tree-like menu that’s based on the four-level hierarchy NTSB uses to break down its investigative findings.

The tool also includes preset filters for commonly sought-after findings such as those on aircraft control, powerplant and weather. Safety recommendations relating to the general aviation accidents in the 10-year data set can be filtered by year or addressee.

​“The NTSB has always been a data-driven agency and the proof is in our safety recommendations — every one of which is evidence-based,” said NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy. “Similarly, we want to maximize the number of stakeholders and researchers who can draw safety lessons from our accident data. That’s exactly what we hope this dashboard will accomplish.”

To help users get the most from the Dashboard, the NTSB also released four short video tutorials. The first is an overview of the entire application; the other three use examples to demonstrate how various filters can be used to display different results.


​The Dashboard is part of the NTSB’s ongoing efforts to enhance the way users access agency reports, findings, safety recommendations and other data. In addition to its investigative duties, the NTSB is charged by Congress with maintaining the nation’s civil aviation accident database.

Questions and user feedback on the General Aviation Accident Dashboard can be submitted to data@ntsb.gov.

The Dashboard, tutorial videos, a data spreadsheet and glossary of terms are all available in the Statistical Reviews section of the NTSB website: General Aviation Accident Dashboard: 2012-2021 (ntsb.gov).​

To report an incident/accident or if you are a public safety agency, please call 1-844-373-9922 or 202-314-6290 to speak to a Watch Officer at the NTSB Response Operations Center (ROC) in Washington, DC (24/7).