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Safe Roads

​​​NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy​ will host the fourth installment of NTSB's Most Wanted List Roundtable Series​ on The Safe System Approach: Safe Roads.

The nation’s roads were designed to move vehicles safely. Our current approach to road safety favors automobiles and punishes drivers for crashes. Through a Safe System Approach, we accept that humans will make mistakes and using this approach we look at the entire system and that everyone shares responsibility to ensure safety.

We’ve spent decades planning, designing, building, and operating our road system for the efficient movement of people and goods, rather than safety. During this roundtable, expert panelists will explore how infrastructure and road design contribute to reducing and even eliminating opportunities for crashes to occur and minimizing their severity when they do. This roundtable will focus on roadway engineering, infrastructure technology, needed infrastructure investments to protect all road users, especially pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists, urban and rural road safety issues, speed management and why public transportation is an important part of the strategy for getting to zero. Join Chair Homendy as we explore how we can make our roads safer.


  • Brian Alberts, Senior Director, Safety and Advisory Services, American Public Transportation Association
  • Nat Beuse, Vice President of Safety, Aurora
  • Dongho Chang, State Traffic Engineer, Washington State Department of Transportation
  • Bruce Hamilton, Managing Director, Roadway Safety Foundation
  • Seth LaJeunesse, Associate Director of Health and Community Sciences, UNC Highway Safety Research Center​
  • Beth Osborne, Director, Transportation for America
  • Jeff Paniatti, Executive Director and CEO, Institute of Transportation Engineers
  • Jaime Sullivan, Director, National Center for Rural Road Safety
  • David Zipper, Visiting Fellow, Taubman Center for State and Local Government, Harvard Kennedy School

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