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Accident Report Detail

Compania Dominicana de Aviacion, Douglas DC-4, Convair ATL 98, HI-168

Executive Summary

Dominicana Airlines, Flight 401, a DC-4, Carvair ATL. 98, Dominican Republic registry HI-168, operating as a cargo flight from Miami, Florida, to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, crashed shortly after takeoff from Miami International Airport on June 23, 1969, about 1542 e.d.t. The aircraft was destroyed by impact and the ensuing ground fire. Several buildings in the area of the accident site were also damaged.

The four occupants of the aircraft, three crewmembers and one nonrevenue Dominican Republic military pilot, as well as six persons on the ground, were fatally injured.

Immediately after the aircraft passed over the end of Runway 12 following takeoff, the FAA local controller, in the tower, advised the flight that heavy white smoke was being emitted from the No. 2 engine and that they were cleared for landing on any runway. The flight acknowledged this communication and advised the tower that they were returning to the airport for landing.

Witnesses reported black puffs of smoke coming from the vicinity of the No. 4 engine prior to the emission of white smoke from the No. 2 engine; the aircraft continued climbing on runway heading for a short distance, attaining an altitude of approximately 300 feet; the propeller of the No. 4 engine was feathered shortly after takeoff; white smoke from the No. 2 engine intensified; a left turn back toward the airport was initiated and altitude was lost, as the turn continued. Ultimately, the aircraft crashed into buildings located approximately 1 mile from the approach end of Runway 27.

Probable Cause

The Safety Board determines that the probable cause of this accident was the confused action on the part of the crew while attempting to cope with the catastrophic failure of an engine during takeoff.

Accident Location: Miami , FL   Miami International Airport
Accident Date: 6/23/1969
Accident ID: DCA70A0002

Date Adopted: 8/12/1970
NTSB Number: AAR-70-17
NTIS Number: PB-196345

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