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Accident Report Detail

Safety Recommendation Report: Inward- and Outward-facing Audio and Image Recorders as Investigative and Safety Tools

Executive Summary

​The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has investigated numerous railroad and rail transit accidents—including an on-going investigation in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania—where inward- and outward-facing audio and image recorders provided or could have provided an unequivocal record of a train operator’s actions. These types of recorders are critical to improving operational safety, accident investigations, and management oversight, particularly in accidents where the train operator is killed or suffers memory loss. Because of this, the NTSB is issuing one safety recommendation to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and two to the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA).

Probable Cause

​This report contains safety recommendations issued to the FTA and SEPTA, and does not include any determination of probable cause.

Accident Location: Upper Darby , PA USA  
Accident Date: 2/21/2017
Accident ID: DCA17FR006

Date Adopted: 8/24/2017
NTSB Number: RSR1702
NTIS Number:  

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