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Accident Report Detail

Safety Recommendation Report: Shortcomings of Driver Qualification Processes for Baltimore City Public Schools and of the Disqualified Driver Database for All Maryland School Districts

Executive Summary

The NTSB is investigating a collision between a school bus and a transit bus that occurred in Baltimore, Maryland, on November 1, 2016. In the course of the investigation, the NTSB has identified deficiencies with the oversight of school bus driver operations and qualifications by the city of Baltimore and by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). These deficiencies include (1) failure of Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS) to adequately review or take action in response to reports of previous crashes concerning its school bus drivers, and (2) inconsistencies in the interpretation of state regulations on what conditions disqualify school bus drivers from employment and on when drivers should be entered into the state database of disqualified drivers. Consequently, the NTSB is issuing two safety recommendations to BCPS, one of which is designated urgent, and one safety recommendation to the MSDE.

Probable Cause


To Baltimore City Public Schools:

Request that the Maryland State Department of Education have an independent and neutral third party conduct a performance audit of your transportation department that includes a review of crash reports and of disqualifying conditions for school bus drivers under Code of Maryland Regulations section 13A.06.07.07. (H-17-13) (Urgent)

As soon as the performance audit referenced in Safety Recommendation H-17-13 is complete, take the corrective actions recommended to improve internal controls and ensure that all school bus drivers meet the qualification standards under Code of Maryland Regulations sections 13A.06.07.06–.07 and that they do not pose any safety risks. (H-17-14)

To the Maryland State Department of Education:

Review and modify the Code of Maryland Regulations section 13A.06.07.07, “School Vehicle Driver Disqualifying Conditions and Termination,” to clarify the definitions of disqualifying conditions, and to require notification to the Maryland State Department of Education of all drivers who are determined to be not qualified during pre-employment screening. (H-17-15)

Accident Location: Baltimore , MD USA  
Accident Date: 11/1/2016
Accident ID: HWY17MH007

Date Adopted: 3/29/2017
NTSB Number: HSR1702
NTIS Number: