Safety Alert Videos


Aviation Safety Alert Videos

SA-080 - Stay in the Groove: Check Ignition Switch/Key Integrity
SA-075 - Pilots: Ensure Your Fuel Selector Works
SA-068 - Flight Helmet Cords Can Impede Egress: Understand the hazard of direct-to-airframe cord connections
SA-023 - Pilots: Manage Risks to Ensure Safety
SA-019 - Prevent Aerodynamic Stalls at Low Altitude
Aircraft Owner/Operators
SA-021 - Is Your Aircraft Talking to You? Listen!
SA-020 - Reduced Visual References Require Vigilance
SA-069 - Pilots: Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
SA-072 - Minding Weight, Maintaining Balance: Improper or Unperformed Calculations Can be Fatal
SA-071 - Do Your Takeoff Homework; Runway Length Matters - Understanding the Potential Hazards of Intersection Takeoffs
SA-031 - Safety Through Helicopter Simulators
Maintenance Personnel
SA-076 - Mechanics: Be Wary of Worn Fuel Selectors
SA-070 - Mechanics: Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
SA-042 - Airplane Misrigging: Lessons Learned From a Close Call
SA-032 - Helicopter Safety Starts In The Hangar
SA-022 - Mechanics: Manage Risks to Ensure Safety

Marine Safety Alert Videos

SA-036 - Towline Failure is the Leading Cause of Injury and Death in Parasailing Accidents
SA-034 - Passenger Vessels: Stairway Hazards during Docking and Undocking