Publications are formal reports produced by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Accident Reports

Reports which contain the facts, conditions, circumstances, analysis, conclusions and probable cause of accident investigations are published for all accidents which resulted in an investigation involving the launch of a team of specialists.

Safety Studies

Examination of the effectiveness of or need for policies, programs, program management and operating practices, regulations, rulemaking, or other actions of a Government agency in reducing transportation losses; the technical aspects of a transportation system, subsystem, or component; accident data through statistical analysis techniques; or the history and progress of safety improvements undertaken to solve a particular problem in aviation, highway, railroad, pipeline, marine, or hazardous materials transportation.


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Press Releases

Press releases and media advisories are issued irregularly to announce public meetings and hearings, offer official statements on significant transportation events, and release abstracts of final reports following the Board meeting.


General information on the mission and responsibilities of the NTSB and how it accomplishes these responsibilities. This pamphlet is updated only when there is a major change in the NTSB's mission and responsibilities.

Opinions & Orders

Opinions and Orders set forth decisions of the Board resulting from the review of appeals from decisions of the Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard involving seamen's certificates or initial decisions of the NTSB Administrative Law Judges involving airmen and/or air safety certificates.

Strategic ​and Action Plans

Agency strategic plans, CFO reports, and other agency reports.

Annual Aviation Reviews

Contains statistical tabulations and graphs of data compiled from reports of accidents involving US air carriers, commuter and on-demand carriers, and general aviation operations in a particular calendar year. The report is divided into sections according to the Part of the Code of Federal Regulations under which the aircraft were flown when the accidents occurred.