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Recognition of the Safe Kids Campaign, Washington, DC
Carol Carmody
Recognition of the Safe Kids Campaign, Washington, DC

Good Evening. I am honored to have this opportunity to recognize the staff and coalition members of the National Safe Kids Campaign for their hard work over the past 7 years, and to celebrate with you the receipt of the 30 new Chevy Vans that will be used to conduct permanent fitting stations across the country. The number of safety seats that you have already inspected, almost 250,000, is truly impressive. Just think of what you will be able to do with 30 more vans!

I also want to acknowledge the United Auto Workers and General Motors for making this program possible by their commitment to child passenger safety. During this time of economic uncertainty, it is particularly heartening to see the renewed participation by the UAW and GM. Through this program over 162,000 safety seats have been given away to families who could not afford to buy a safety seat, but wanted to be sure that their children were safe. I applaud you for this superb effort. It's a great example of industry and labor cooperating for a worthy cause. It is corporate citizenship at its best, and I hope other manufacturers will follow your example and renew their commitments. I also want to point out the importance of the programs with La Raza and the NAACP to reach minorities and low income families. Auto crashes do not discriminate. Children of all incomes and races are vulnerable.

I want to recognize and thank former NTSB Chairman Jim Hall who has been such a champion of child passenger safety and is a big supporter of the National Safe Kids Campaign.

Congratulations on all that you have accomplished so far and I look forward to celebrating many more successes with you in the future.