​In these photos taken October 21, 2021, the left and right elevator geared tab links and actuating cranks of the accident MD-87 are shown. NTSB photos by Tom Jacky​​.

NTSB Issues Update on Investigation Into MD-87 Runway Excursion Accident


​​​WASHINGTON (Nov. 10, 2021) — The National Transportation Safety Board Wednesday issued an investigative update into the October 19 accident that occurred when an MD-87 jetliner overran the runway at Houston Executive Airport following a rejected takeoff.

The airplane, bound for Boston, overran the end of Runway 36, went through the airport perimeter fence and power lines and came to rest about 1,400 feet beyond the end of the runway. Of the 23 passengers and crew, two passengers were seriously injured, one received minor injuries. A significant post-crash fire consumed the fuselage and destroyed most of the airplane.

In the tail section, which was relatively undamaged by fire, investigators found that the airplane’s left and right elevators were jammed in a trailing edge down position; neither elevator could be moved when manipulated by hand.

​Both inboard actuating cranks for both elevator’s geared tabs were bent outboard, and their respective links were bent. Both actuating cranks and links were found locked in an overcenter position beyond their normal range of travel. The elevators, horizontal stabilizer, and control tabs have been retained by the NTSB for further examination.

This accident investigation is ongoing. Information in this update is preliminary and may be supplemented or revised during the course of the investigation.

The complete investigative update is available on the MD-87 runway overrun accident investigation page: https://go.usa.gov/xeDn9.

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