3rd Roundtable on Distracted Driving: Perspectives from the Trucking Industry

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The Roundtable begins 9:30 AM CST (Central time); 10:30 AM (Eastern time)

Join us to hear members of the trucking community, victims advocacy groups, the business community and legislators discuss the problem of distracted driving and potential countermeasures--with a focus on Texas, but applicable nationwide.

Houston Food Bank
535 Portwall Street
Houston, TX 77029

This event will be broadcasted live via our NTSB YouTube Channel.

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Times are in CST

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9:30 am–9:40 am - Opening remarks by Vice Chairman Bruce Landsberg, NTSB

9:40 am–9:45 am - Remarks by Jennifer Smith, StopDistractions.org

9:45 am–9:50 am - Remarks by Brian Fielkow, Jetco Delivery

9:50 am–10:50 am - Panel 1: State of Distracted Driving in Texas

Texas ranks as one of the worst states for distracted-driving-related deaths. In 2017 alone, more than 440 people died in such crashes. We will discuss the statistics, the trends, and the recent passage and impact of its law banning texting.

  • Jennifer Smith, Stopdistraction.org
  • Quincy Allen, TxDOT
  • Tim Kelly, Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO)
  • Dave Rayburn, National Transportation Safety Board
  • Jorge Chavez, Jetco Delivery
  • Jennifer Zamora, Victim Advocate
  • Katie Womack, Texas A&M Transportation Institute Center for Transportation Safety

10:50 am–11:05 am - Break

11:05 am–12:15 am - Panel 2: Education & Awareness/ Public Policy & Legislation

From education campaigns aimed at drivers to community wide events, education and awareness mark the front line in the fight against distracted driving. We will focus on successful local and state-wide initiatives, and the role of advocates and community leaders in supporting law enforcement efforts to reduce distracted driving. Survivor advocates will share their experiences with investigative, criminal, and civil processes resulting from distraction-related crashes.

  • Toron Wooldridge, Victim Advocate
  • Jennifer Smith, Stopdistractions.org
  • Anne O’Ryan, AAA
  • Joshua Zuber, AAA
  • Shain Eversley, Houston-Galveston Area Council
  • Courtney Scioli, Safe 2 Save
  • Allan Rutter, Texas A&M Transportation Institute
  • Alfred Eason, Texas DPS Representative
  • Craig Cummings, Texas DPS Representative

12:15 am–1:00 pm - Lunch Break

1:00 pm–2:00 pm - Panel 3: Corporate Policy & Regulation

Corporate policies can help mitigate distraction on our roads. Employers play a key role in ensuring drivers operate safely. We will highlight effective corporate policies in Texas, particularly those seen in the trucking industry.

  • Lisa Robinson, National Safety Council
  • Brian Fielkow, Jetco
  • Dana C. Moore, Texas Trucking Association
  • Robert Fuentes, The Fuentes Firm
  • John Teague, Victim Advocate

 2:00 pm–2:45 pm - Panel 4: Final Discussion (Takeaways)

2:45 pm–3:00 pm - Closing  Remarks & Call to Action

3:00 pm - Group Photo