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Webinar: Distracted Driving Prevalence Data: Sources, Challenges & Technological Solutions

​​On Wednesday, March 1, 2023, from 1:00 PM-2:30 PM (Eastern), in collaboration with the National Distracted Driving Coalition, we will host a webinar, "Distracted Driving Prevalence Data: Sources, Challenges & Technological Solutions.

​​Distracted driving is a contributing factor in road crashes, but it has been challenging to measure the prevalence of the problem due to gaps in data. Data is critical for the development and implementation of policy and legislation to address the problem, and is needed to highlight the magnitude of the problem and its effects in order to inspire action. More robust, complete, and timely distracted driving data is essential to determining the importance of distraction within myriad and competing road safety issues.

Vice Chairman Bruce Landsberg will provide opening remarks, followed by a panel discussion with distraction experts from the Traffic Injury Research Foundation, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, Path Zero Ai, and NoCell Technologies, LLC​

Topics discussed will include:

  • ​​Sources of prevalence data, including crash data, arrest and conviction data, naturalistic driving data, and self-report data;
  • ​Strengths and limitations of prevalence data; 
  • Technological solutions for overcoming data gaps; and
  • Opportunities to inform research studies and develop effective countermeasures.     

​Eliminating distracted driving​ is currently on the NTSB’s 2021-2023 Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements. .​​

​​Opening Remarks: Vice Chairman Bruce Landsberg


Robyn Robertson, President & CEO; Traffic Injury Research Foundation

Dr. Sheila "Charlie" Klauer, Research Scientist and Training Systems Lead, Division of Vehicle, Driver, and Safety Systems; Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Josh Graver, PhD, Founder & CEO; Path Zero Ai

Corey Woinarowicz, Chief Revenue Officer; NoCell Technologies, LLC