2023 Near Collision of Two Airliners in Austin, TX subject of June 6 in-person Board Meeting

The National Transportation Safety Board will hold an in-person board meeting in Washington on its investigation into the near-collision of two airliners in Texas last year.

On Feb. 4, 2023, there was a loss of separation and risk of a collision when a Southwest Airlines B-737 was departing and a FedEx B-767 was on final approach to land at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. There were no injuries reported to the 128 passengers and crew onboard the Southwest airplane or to the three crew members onboard the FedEx airplane.

The five NTSB Members will hear presentations from investigators, deliberate over the draft report and vote on the proposed findings, probable cause and safety recommendations. An executive summary of the final report will be available after the meeting. The report will be published on the NSTB website several weeks after the meeting. 

WHAT: Board meeting on the Feb. 4, 2023, runway incursion and overflight incident in Austin, Texas

WHO: NTSB investigative staff and board members

WHEN: Thursday, June 6 at 9:30 a.m. Eastern time

WHERE: NTSB Boardroom and Conference Center, 429 L’Enfant Plaza, SW, Washington, DC. The street entrance to the NTSB Boardroom and Conference Center is located on 10th Street, SW running between D Street and Frontage Road, SW just below the L'Enfant Plaza Promenade. It is accessible from L’Enfant Plaza Metro through food court

MEDIA: After clearing security, members of the news media should sign in at the media room, just to the left of the entrance to the boardroom

LIVE STREAM: A link to the live stream of the webcast will be available shortly before the start of the meeting at http://ntsb.windrosemedia.com/​