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Teen Driver Safety Virtual Roundtable Series: Part 1

​​The State of Teen Driver Safety​​

October 17-23 is National Teen Driver Safety Week, a week dedicated to raising awareness and seeking solutions to prevent teen injuries and deaths on the road.

​In this roundtable, we will talk to experts in teen safety programming and research about the state of teen driver safety in the United States and how we can achieve zero traffic deaths on our roads with teens in mind. This roundtable will focus on the risks impacting teen drivers--such as distraction, fatigue and impairment--and identify tangible actions to reduce teen driving crashes in the future. NTSB Board Member Tom Chapman ​​will provide opening remarks.​​

​​According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, traffic crashes continue to be a leading cause of death for teens. The risk of motor vehicle crashes is higher among teens aged 16–19 than among any other age group. In fact, per mile driven, teen drivers in this age group are nearly three times as likely as drivers aged 20 or older to be in a fatal crash.

The NTSB has long advocated for preventive measures that would mitigate teen traffic crashes, including eliminating distractions, fatigue and impairment; reducing speeds improving occupant protection, and implementing a robust graduated driver’s license (GDL) program. As we all work toward achieving zero traffic crashes on our roads, we must remember that it all begins with our earliest drivers—our teens. Teen Driving Safety has been a topic on our Most Wanted List of Transportation Improvements.​