Collision Between Pickup Truck with Trailer and Group of Motorcycles

​​The NTSB met on Dec. 1, 2020, at 9:30 a.m., to consider the probable cause, findings, and any safety recommendations from its investigation.

Seven motorcyclists died and three were seriously injured when the commercial truck, a 2016 Ram 2500 pickup truck towing a flatbed trailer, crossed the centerline of US-2 and collided with the motorcyclists traveling in the opposite direction.

In keeping with established Federal and local social distancing guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, while also ensuring the NTSB’s compliance with the Government in the Sunshine Act, the board meeting for this investigation will be webcast to the public, with the board members and investigative staff meeting virtually. There will be no physical gathering to facilitate the board meeting.

WHO: NTSB investigative staff and board members.

WHAT: A webcast of a virtual board meeting.

WHEN: Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020, 9:30 a.m. (EST).

HOW: The board meeting will be webcast only, there will not be a public gathering of NTSB investigative staff or board members. A link to the webcast will be available shortly before the start of the meeting at



Opening Statement - Chairman Robert L. Sumwalt


Closing Statement - Chairmant Robert L. Sumwalt