Collision Avoidance Systems - Why You Need Them in Your Trucks Today!

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Presented by the NTSB Office of Highway Safety, SRC Safety Advocacy Division, in coordination with the American Trucking Associations​

The National Transportation Safety Board will present a one-hour webinar on April 18, 2019, at 2 PM, entitled "Collision Avoidance Technologies - Why You Need Them in Your Trucks Today!" Board Member Earl Weener and an investigator from the NTSB's Office of Highway Safety will discuss the benefits of this technology and why we put this issue on our Most Wanted List.Additionally, representatives from the heavy-duty truck industry will discuss the rate of implementation and current industry perspectives, and carriers will discuss why they installed collision avoidance systems in their fleets and the benefits that resulted. We hope you will join us - click below to register.

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Introduction/Opening Remarks: 
NTSB Perspective and our MWL
Presenter: Member Earl Weener

Topic 1: 
NTSB Investigations Highlighting Forward Collision Avoidance System Benefits
Presenter: Ensar Becic, Highway Safety Investigator

Topic 2: 
Overview of Industry Implementation & Adoption Rates
Presenter: Ross Froat, Director of Engineering & Information Technology, American Trucking Associations

Topic 3:
Truck Operator Case Studies & Best Practices
Presenters: Todd Porter, VP Safety, Sentinel Transportation LLC
Robert Haag, VP Operations, Perfect Transportation LLC)

Topic 4:
Driver Perspective
Presenter: Enjoli DeGrasse, Deputy Director IBT Safety and Health Department, Teamsters Union

Open Discussion/Q&A from audience