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Loss of Control Lessons Learned
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Event Summary

Safety Seminar : Loss of Control Lessons Learned
University of Alaska Anchorage Aviation Technology Campus
11/5/2016 8:00 AM

Loss of control is a leading cause of general aviation accidents. Preventing Loss of Control in flight within the general aviation community is on the NTSB’s Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements. Due to terrain and weather issues, pilots in Alaska face more flying challenges, increasing the risk of loss of control accidents.

Alaska suffered an average of 100 aircraft accidents a year during the past decade and about 80 percent of those involved general aviation or non-commercial flights.  About 47 percent of all fatal, fixed-wing, general aviation accidents between 2008 and 2014, throughout the U.S., involved pilots losing control of their aircraft in flight.  These accidents resulted in more than 1,200 fatalities.  From 2011 through September 2016, the NTSB investigated 76 general aviation accidents in Alaska involving loss of control in flight, that resulted in 31 fatalities and 38 injuries.

The National Transportation Safety Board has partnered with the Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation to put on a seminar for pilots in Alaska that highlights the problems of loss of control in flight.

This seminar identifies the causes of loss of control and uses cases studies to identify strategies and solutions to preventing it, including technology and improved pilot skills for handling various stall scenarios.



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Times are in AKDT

0800 Registration

0830 Opening Remarks & Introductions

  • Harry Kieling, Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation
  • Kerry Long, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Clint Johnson, National Transportation Safety Board
  • Member Earl F. Weener, PH.D., National Transportation Safety Board
  • Dana Schulze, National Transportation Safety Board

0845 Award Presentation

  • Alaska State Troopers & NTSB

0900 NTSB Board Member Perspective and the Most Wanted List

0945 Loss of Control – What’s the Issue?

1000 Beak

1015 Loss of Control Scenario

  • Roger Motzko

1100 Now What? The NTSB Investigation Begins

1200 Lunch

1245 Carlson Foundation Spidertracks Award

  • John Carlson
  • Gary Bennet
  • Mary O’Connor

1300 After the Fact - What Do You Need to Do to Protect Yourself? - Panel Discussion

  • Clint Johnson, NTSB
  • Howard Martin, FAA
  • Mark Wilhelm, Richmond & Quinn - Presentation
  • Kevin Wyckoff, Alaska Claims

1400 FAA Perspective on Loss of Control Training Solutions

1445 Break

1500 AOPA Perspective and Resources for LOC Prevention

1530 Scenario Replay – Let’s Try Again for a Better Outcome

  • Roger Motzko

1600 Discussion and evaluation

1615 Closing Comments

1630 End of Seminar

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