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Instructions for Online Submission
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 Instructions for Online Submission

In addition to traditional filing (paper), we now offer airmen, mechanics and petitioners the option to file their Appeals from FAA Orders, Answers to FAA Orders, and Petitions for Review of FAA’s Final Denials of Medical Certification electronically.

E-Filing will automatically generate notice to the NTSB Office of Judges that you are appealing an FAA Order of Revocation or Suspension, filing a Petition for Review of a Denial of Medical Certification, or submitting an Answer to the allegations contained in the FAA’s Order of Suspension or Revocation.

If you elect to use electronic filing for an Appeal or Answer you must also mail a copy (see Certificate of Service on the electronic form) to the FAA Attorney handling your case. If you are filing a Petition for Review of a Medical Denial, service upon the FAA is not needed until after we docket your petition.

If filing on line is not the best option for you, you may file via paper using our fillable Adobe Forms by filling them out online, printing, signing and mailing to both the NTSB and the FAA Attorney. Please attach a copy of the FAA’s Order from which you are appealing, or a copy of the FAA’s letter that informed you of the final denial of medical certification.

NEW!  Instructions for Electronic Filing of Appeal, Emegency Appeal, Petitions, and Answers to Complaint are listed below:

1.  Overview
These instructions provide a summary of procedures to aid parties in filing and serving certain forms electronically.  They are not intended as a substitute for the National Transportation Safety Board’s Rules of Practice. It is the responsibility of the party to insure the electronic filings comply with the Board’s Rules of Practice.

2. Filing Date
Filing is effective upon the NTSB Office of Judge’s receipt of the electronic transmission. The date and time are determined by the Board’s computer system in Washington, DC. The time will be recorded in Eastern Standard or Daylight time.  Early filing is encouraged. The Board is not responsible for transmission delays due to service problems by internet providers or internet system problems. For example, documents filed at 11:59 p.m. (or earlier) may not arrive at the Board’s computer systems until the next day.

3.  Delivery Confirmation
The transmitting party has the responsibility to retain records showing the date of transmission, including receipts.  Accordingly, filers should request a delivery receipt when filing electronically with the Board using the option for a delivery receipt if available on their email program.

4.  Submission
Once you have filled out the form electronically and saved it and saved the FAA’s Order or the Final Denial of Medical Certification Letter, you are now ready to submit your form and documents to the NTSB Office of Judges.  Click on the Accellion Submit Form link, follow the prompts and upload your form to be submitted. Click on the Choose File/Folder button again to upload a copy of the FAA’s Order from which you are appealing or a copy of the FAA’s letter that informed you of the final denial of medical certification. Then click the Send button, and your   filing will be transmitted to the National Transportation Safety Board’s Office of Administrative Law Judges. You will see a summary screen which shows the details for your filing. You will receive a confirmation email that your filing was received by the NTSB Office of Judges.

5.  Notification
The NTSB Office of Judges will process your filing as soon as possible. You will receive a confirmation email when your filing has been docketed by the NTSB Office of Judges. If your filing is not accepted you will receive a rejection email which will indicate the reason for the rejection. You may resubmit your document once the correction has been made.


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