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Accident Report Detail

Douglas DC-3, N142D

Executive Summary

N142D, a Douglas DC-3, was being operated by Mr. William Jackson of Travel Associates, Memphis, Tennessee, for the purpose of transporting sportsmen to Belize, British Honduras. The aircraft crashed and burned on New Orleans International Airport following an Instrument landing System (ILS) approach to Runway 10. The crash occurred at 0655 c.s.t. on March 20, 1969. Of the 27 persons on board, 11 survived. The crew of three was among those fatally injured. The aircraft came to rest at the Intersection of Runways 5 and 10. With the exception of the right wing and empennage, the aircraft was destroyed by impact and fire.

Probable Cause

The Safety Board determines the probable cause of this accident to be the controlled descent of the aircraft into known below minima weather conditions and the failure of the crew to discontinue the landing attempt upon reaching the decision height. Contributing to the cause are existing regulations which permit an approach to be initiated in conditions well below minima, lack of clarity in the regulations in describing missed-approach procedures while following visual cues to the runway, misinterpretation by the crew of the information received from the approach controller (in this case, the legality of landing in low visibility conditions), improper crew action at the time of initial runway contact, and poor crew judgment partially induced by fatigue, and the lack of management required for such an operation.

Accident Location: New Orleans , LA    
Accident Date: 3/20/1969
Accident ID: DCA69A0015

Date Adopted: 1/14/1970
NTSB Number: AAR-70-03
NTIS Number: PB-189376

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