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Accident Report Detail

North Central Airlines, Inc., Convair 580, N46345, Home Airmotive, Inc., Cessna 150, N8742S, Midair Collision

Executive Summary

At 0948 c.d.t., on August 4, 1968, North Central Airlines Flight 261, a Convair 580, N4634S, and a Home Airmotive, Inc., Cessna 150, N8742S, collided approximately 11.5 m1les southwest of General Mitchell Airport, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at an altitude of 2,700 feet. All major components of the Cessna fell to the ground, with the exception of the cabin section with its three occupants and the attached landing gear, which were embedded in the Convair's forward baggage compartment. Damage sustained by the Convair was extensive, but controlled flight was maintained by the captain and a successful land1ng was accomplished at General Mitchell Field at 0954.

The three occupants of the Cessna were killed in the accident, and the first officer on the Convair sustained serious injuries. The captain, stewardess, additional crewmember, and eight passengers on board the Convair were not injured.

Probable Cause

The Board determines that the probable cause of this accident was the inability of the Convair 580 flightcrew to detect the Cessna 150 visually in sufficient time to take evasive action, despite having been provided with three radar traffic advisories concerning the latter aircraft. Visual detection capabilities were substantially reduced by the heavy accumulation of insect smears on the forward windshield and direct vision windows of the Convair. Visibility was further reduced by haze, smoke and sun glare, and by the inconspicuous color and lack of relative motion of the Cessna. Under these circumstances, the crew of the Convair should have requested a radar avoidance vector.

Accident Location: Milwaukee , WI    
Accident Date: 8/4/1968
Accident ID: 79526

Date Adopted: 7/8/1969
NTSB Number: AAR-69-04
NTIS Number: PB-185472

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