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Accident Report Detail

Rear End Collision of Two Texas and Pacific Railway Company Freight Trains

Executive Summary

About 8:52 a.m. on May 30, 1975, a Texas and Pacific Railway Company freight train, Extra 3311 West, passed an "approach" signal and a "low" signal and collided with the rear of train Extra 551 West, which had stopped on the main track in Meeker, Louisiana. The 4 locomotive units and the first 10 cars of Extra 3311 West and the last 5 cars and the caboose of the standing train were derailed and damaged. The engineer and the front brakeman of Extra 3311 West and the conductor of Extra 551 West were killed.

Probable Cause

The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the collision was the failure of the engineer of Extra 3311 West, while operating the train in violation of a "low" signal indication, to perceive the train ahead in time to prevent a collision. A cause of the severity of the collision was the subnormal braking capability of a significant number of cars.

Accident Location: Meeker , LA    
Accident Date: 5/30/1975
Accident ID: 79787

Date Adopted: 12/30/1975
NTSB Number: RAR-75-09
NTIS Number: PB-249296/AS

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