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Accident Report Detail

Head-on collision, Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation

Executive Summary

About 3:21 p.m., central daylight time, on June 12, 2002, eastbound commuter train 1270 operating in the "push" mode collided head on with westbound commuter train 1235 operating in the "pull" mode,1 near milepost 36.7 near Aurora, Illinois. The collision resulted in the derailment of the cab car and four passenger cars of train 1270 and the locomotive and three passenger cars of train 1235. Two crewmembers and 3 passengers on train 1270 and 3 crewmembers and 39 passengers on train 1235 were injured.

The commuter trains were operating on the Aurora Subdivision of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) and were owned by the Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation (Metra). Total damages estimated by the railroads exceeded $292,000.

Probable Cause

The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the head-on collision of Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation trains 1270 and 1235 was the failure of the engineer and the conductor of train 1270 to comply with the stop signal at the Aurora Transportation Center Station.

Accident Location: Aurora , IL    
Accident Date: 6/12/2002
Accident ID: DCA02FR009

Date Adopted: 11/24/2003
NTSB Number: RAB-03-08
NTIS Number:  

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