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Accident Report Detail

Collision between US Fishing Vessel American Dynasty and Canadian Naval Frigate Winnipeg

Executive Summary

On April 23, 2013, at 0817 local time, the US-flag commercial fishing vessel American Dynasty was approaching the graving dock at Esquimalt in British Columbia, Canada, when it lost electrical power and propulsion control. The vessel veered off course and collided with a Canadian Navy frigate, HMCS (Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship) Winnipeg FFH 338 (“Winnipeg”), moored nearby. Both vessels sustained extensive structural damage, and the naval pier required repairs. Six shipyard workers suffered minor injuries.

Probable Cause

The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the collision between the American Dynasty and the Winnipeg was the insufficient planning between the American Dynasty’s master and chief engineer regarding vessel arrival procedures and emergency maneuvering, and the poor crisis communications between the bridge and the engine room. Contributing to the accident was the status and condition of the American Dynasty’s emergency generator and emergency batteries, which were not prepared to supply power at a critical time

Accident Location: Esquimalt , BC Canada  
Accident Date: 4/23/2013
Accident ID: DCA13RM018

Date Adopted: 2/3/2015
NTSB Number: MAB-15-03
NTIS Number:  

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