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Accident Report Detail

Activity Bus/Tractor-Cargo Tank Semi- Trailer Collision, State Route 61

Executive Summary

‚ÄčAbout 7:40 p.m., central standard time, on December 23, 1983, a southbound activity bus (bus) suddenly veered leftward, crossed the centerline of State Route 61, a 2-lane, 2-way highway, and struck head on a northbound tractor cargo tank semitrailer near Devers, Texas. The tractor cargo tank semitrailer penetrated from. 5.5 to 6.5 feet into the passenger compartment of the 1970 former schoolbus. The busdriver and all 21 passengers aboard were ejected through the front opening created in the collision. The truckdriver, the busdriver, and eight bus passengers were killed. Thirteen other bus passengers were injured.

Probable Cause

‚ÄčThe National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of this accident was the loss of control of the activity bus following the deflation and subsequent blowout of the left front tire due to a nail puncture. Contributing to the severity of the injuries was the less rigid construction of the 1970 former schoolbus when compared to schoolbuses built after April 1977 which meet minimum Federal requirements for crashworthiness and occupant protection.

Accident Location: Devers , TX    
Accident Date: 12/23/1983
Accident ID: NTSBHAR8406

Date Adopted: 11/5/1984
NTSB Number: HAR-84-06
NTIS Number: PB84-916206

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