Transportation Disaster Assistance

TDA coordinates federal government resources to support local and state governments, disaster relief organizations, and transportation carriers to meet the needs of family members and survivors following major aviation and rail accidents, as defined in Title 49 United States Code (USC) sections 1136 and 1139. TDA staff also serve as the primary source of investigative information for family members and survivors for any accident investigated by the NTSB (49 USC 1140).

To support both our investigative and family assistance efforts at major accidents, we have formal agreements with the American Red Cross; the US Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, Health and Human Services, and State; and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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Senior Staff

Sharon Bryson,
Managing Director

Paul Sledzik,
Principal Deputy Managing Director for
Management and Operations

Brian Curtis,
Deputy Managing Director for

Paula Sind-Prunier,
NTSB Training Center Director

John DeLisi,
Senior Advisor for Policy and Strategic Initiatives

Elias Kontanis
TDA Division Chief


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Safety Board
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