Organizational Structure

Office of the Managing Director Organizational Chart 

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List of Departments

The Office of Aviation Safety
The Office of Highway Safety
The Office of Marine Safety
The Office of Railroad, Pipeline, and Hazardous Materials Investigations
The Office of Research and Engineering
The Office of Administration
The Office of the Chief Information Officer
The Office of Administrative Law Judges

Senior Staff

Sharon Bryson,
Managing Director

Paul Sledzik,
Principal Deputy Managing Director for
Management and Operations

Brian Curtis,
Deputy Managing Director for

Paula Sind-Prunier,
NTSB Training Center Director

John DeLisi,
Senior Advisor for Policy and Strategic Initiatives

Elias Kontanis
TDA Division Chief


National Transportation
Safety Board
490 L'Enfant Plaza East, S.W.
Washington, DC 20594
(202) 314-6000(phone)