Office of Equal Employment Opportunity, Diversity, and Inclusion

​​​​​​The Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEODI) oversees the equal employment opportunity, diversity and inclusion program at the NTSB. The office manages the special emphasis programs, processes discrimination complaints, and provides external reporting functions including periodic cultural climate assessments, diversity and inclusion benchmarking, and best practice analyses. EEODI partners with the Human Resources Division to enhance targeted outreach and recruitment efforts, implementation of structured diversity and inclusion awareness and engagement activities, diversity and inclusion education/training, workforce analysis (statistical trend monitoring), diversity and inclusion systemic integration, and development of a diversity and inclusion toolkit for supervisors and managers.


NTSB values all employees and all have an equal chance to succeed. Our dedication to diversity and inclusion increases our overall capacity to make sound decisions that both enhance our work environment and facilitate our goal of promoting safety in all modes of transport​ation.

EEODI Mission

Our mission is to provide overall leadership and management of EEO, diversity, and inclusion programs at the NTSB and to ensure fairness and objectivity in employment, hiring, career development in the work environment. The office strives to foster a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment. In doing so, the office provides oversight in implementing the NTSB’s diversity mission to ensure that all employees are respected, valued, and have an equal chance to succeed, thereby increasing the NTSB’s capacity to make sound recommendations that will enhance the safety of all modes of transportation.