Foreign Investigations

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is the independent agency of the United States Government responsible for the investigation of transportation accidents. The NTSB participates in the investigation of aviation accidents and serious incidents outside the United States in accordance with the Chicago Convention of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) provide in Annex 13 to the Convention.

If an accident or serious incident occurs in a foreign state involving a civil aircraft of U.S. Registry, a U.S. operator, or an aircraft of U.S. design or U.S. manufacture, where the foreign state is a signator to the ICAO Convention, that state is responsible for the investigation. In accord with the ICAO Annex 13 SARPS, upon receipt of a formal notification of the accident or serious incident that may involve significant issues, the NTSB may designate a U.S. Accredited Representative and appoint advisors to carry out the Obligations, receive the Entitlements, provide Consultation, and receive Safety Recommendations from the state of occurrence.

If an accident or serious incident occurs in a foreign state not bound by the provisions of Annex 13 to the ICAO Convention, or if a foreign state delegates all or part of an investigation by mutual consent to the NTSB, or if the accident or serious incident involves a public aircraft, the conduct of the investigation shall be in consonance with any agreement entered into between and the United States and the foreign state.

Recent Investigations with NTSB Participation

The official source for information on any ICAO aircraft accident or serious incident investigation rests with the state of occurrence. The data presented on this page is provided by the U.S. Accredited Representative and is intended only for informational purposes as a record of US participation for each specific event. Every attempt is made to confirm the information with the investigating authority of the state of occurrence prior to its appearance. However, for the most current official information, a hyperlink to the appropriate Web site of the foreign state is provided when available.

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