NTSB Press Release

National Transportation Safety Board
Office of Public Affairs


July 21, 2006

Washington, DC. -- The National Transportation Safety Board has completed the initial on-scene phase of its investigation into the July 11 Chicago Transit Authority train derailment in a tunnel with a fire on the Blue Line. The 12-member team is continuing the investigation.

As part of the ongoing investigation into this accident, the arc damaged wayside and car equipment, derailment area core samples of ties, and derailment area components of the rail fastening system have been sent to the NTSB's laboratory in Washington, DC. CTA has also provided the NTSB with track inspection records for the past 12 months.

The Safety Board has scheduled interviews with track maintenance personnel, Illinois state safety oversight personnel, and CTA personnel knowledgeable in traction power and ventilation systems. The signal system was tested and no abnormalities were noted; however, additional signal data is being reviewed.

NTSB Media Contact:
Terry N. Williams



The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is an independent federal agency charged with determining the probable cause
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