Aircraft Accident Report

Uncontained Engine Failure/Fire
ValuJet Airlines Flight 597
Douglas DC-9-32, N908VJ
Atlanta, Georgia
June 8, 1995

NTSB Number AAR-96/03
NTIS Number PB96-910403

Abstract: This report explains the uncontained engine failure/fire on ValuJet Airlines flight 597, a Douglas DC-9-32, N908VJ, at Atlanta, Georgia, on June 8, 1995. The safety issues discussed in the report include the clarity of operations specifications for repair stations, recordkeeping requirements for foreign repair stations, regulatory guidance concerning maintenance documentation, intent of “serviceable tags,” independently powered public address systems on all transport-category airplanes, flight attendant training programs and manuals, enforcement of occupant restraint requirements, notification of flightcrew of cabin fire, cabin material/fire safety standards, flight attendant attire, and quality of cockpit voice recordings. Safety recommendations concerning these issues were made to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).