Aircraft Accident Report

In-Flight Icing Encounter and Loss of Control
Simmons Airlines, d.b.a. American Eagle Flight 4184
Avions de Transport Regional (ATR)
Model 72-212, N401AM
Roselawn, Indiana
October 31, 1994

NTSB Number AAR-96/01
NTIS Number PB96-910401

Abstract: Volume I of this report explains the crash of American Eagle flight 4184, an ATR 72 airplane during a rapid descent after an uncommanded roll excursion. The safety issues discussed in the report focused on communicating hazardous weather information to flightcrews, Federal regulations on aircraft icing and icing certification requirements, the monitoring of aircraft airworthiness, and flightcrew training for unusual events/attitudes. Safety recommendations concerning these issues were addressed to the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and AMR Eagle. Volume II contains the comments of the Bureau Enquetes-Accidents on the Safety Board's draft of the accident report.