Highway Accident Reports

The NTSB issues an accident report following the investigation. These reports are available online for reports issued since 1996, with older reports coming online soon.

The reports listing is sortable by the event date, report date, city, and state. Click on any of those headings to sort the data.

Title Accident date Report date City State NTSB # NTIS #    
Highway Accident Report: Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing Collision 5/28/2013 10/22/2014 Rosedale MD HAR-14-02 PB2014-109131 PDF Sumamry
Preliminary Report: Highway Motorcoach Accident 09/26/2014 10/14/2014 Davis OK     PDF
Preliminary Report: Highway Motorcoach Accident 09/21/2014 10/06/2014 Red Lion DE     PDF Summary
Collapse of the Interstate 5 Skagit River Bridge Following a Strike by an Oversize Combination Vehicle, Mount Vernon, WA 05/23/2013 07/15/20014 Mount Vernon WA HAR-14-01 PB2014-106399 PDF Summary
Preliminary Report: Highway Accident Investigation, Cranbury, NJ 06/07/2014 06/19/20014 Cranbury NJ       Full Text
Preliminary Report: Highway Accident Investigation, Orland, CA 04/10/2014 04/25/2014 Orland CA     PDF
Median crossover multivehicle accident 01/07/2013 04/10/2014 Houston TX HAB-14-02   PDF Summary
Multivehicle collision and subsequent vehicle fall from bridge 07/19/2013 03/14/2014 Annapolis MD HAB-14-01   PDF Full Text
Preliminary Report: 15-Passenger Van tread belt separation accident 02/21/2014 03/14/2014 Lake City FL     PDF  
Preliminary Report: School Bus Collision 02/15/2014 03/12/2014 Centerville LA     PDF  
Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing Collision 11/15/2012 11/5/2013 Midland TX HAR-13-02 PB2014-100830 PDF Summary
School Bus and Truck Collision at Intersection 2/16/2012 7/23/2013 Chesterfield NJ HAR-13-01 PB2013-106638 PDF Summary
Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing Collision US Highway 95 6/24/2011 12/11/2012 Miriam NV HAR-12-03 PB2013-103891 PDF Summary
Motorcoach Roadway Departure and Overturn on Interstate 95 5/31/2011 7/31/2012 Doswell VA HAR-12-02 PB2012-916202 PDF Summary
Motorcoach Run-Off-the-Road and Collision With Vertical Highway Signpost Interstate 95 Southbound 3/12/2011 6/5/2012 New York City NY HAR-12-01 PB2012-916201 PDF Summary
Multivehicle Collision, Interstate 44 Eastbound 8/5/2010 12/13/2011 Gray Summit MO HAR-11-03 PB2011-916203 PDF Summary
Truck-Tractor Semitrailer Median Crossover Collision With 15-Passenger Van 3/26/2010 9/13/2011 Munfordville KY HAR-11-02 PB2011-916202 PDF Summary
Rollover of a Truck-Tractor and Cargo Tank Semitrailer Carrying Liquified Petroleum Gas and Subsequent Fire 10/22/2009 7/26/2011 Indianapolis IN HAR-11-01 PB2011-916201 PDF Summary
Truck-Tractor Semitrailer Rear-End Collision Into Passenger Vehicles on Interstate 44 6/26/2009 9/28/2010 Miami OK HAR-10-02 PB2010-916202 PDF Summary
Bus Loss of Control and Rollover, Dolan Springs, Arizona 1/30/2009 6/22/2010 Dolan Springs AZ HAR-10-01 PB2010-916201 PDF Summary
Median Crossover, Collision, and Fire, U.S. Highway 75 9/20/2004 4/8/2010 Sherman TX HAB-10-01 PDF Full Text
Motorcoach Run Off Roadway and Rollover, Interstate 87 8/28/2006 4/21/2010 Westport NY HAB-10-02 PDF Full Text
Motorcoach Rollover on U.S. Highway 59 1/2/2008 12/8/2009 Victoria TX HAR-09-03 PB2009-916203 PDF Summary
School Bus Loss of Control and Rollover, on Interstate 10 5/28/2008 11/12/2009 Milton FL HAB-09-03 PDF Full Text
Tanker truck overturn and fire, Interstate 895 south 1/13/2004 7/30/2009 Elkridge MD HAB-09-01 PDF Full Text
Motorcoach Run-Off-The-Bridge and Rollover 8/8/2008 10/27/2009 Sherman TX HAR-09-02 PB2009-916202 PDF Summary
School Bus Bridge Override Following Collision With Passenger Vehicle 11/20/2006 Huntsville AL HAB-09-02 PDF Full Text
Collision of Cargo Tank Truck and Automobile and Subsequent Fire 7/1/2009 11/12/2009 Upper Pittsgrove Township NJ HZB-09-01 PDF Full Text
Motorcoach Rollover 1/6/2008 4/21/2009 Mexican Hat UT HAR-09-01 PB2009-916201 PDF Summary
Truck-Tractor Semitrailer Rollover and Motorcoach Collision With Overturned Truck Interstate Highway 94 10/16/2005 9/16/2008 Osseo WI HAR-08-02 PB2008-916202 PDF Summary
Collapse of I-35W Highway Bridge 8/1/2007 11/14/2008 Minneapolis MN HAR-08-03 PB2008-916203 PDF Summary
Rear-End Chain-Reaction Collision, State Route 121 1/25/2006 8/22/2008 Lake Butler FL HAB-08-05 PDF Full Text
Motorcoach Run-Off-the-Road and Rollover Interstate 55 10/9/2004 8/22/2008 Turrell AR HAB-08-04 PDF Full Text
Motorcoach Override of Elevated Exit Ramp Interstate 75 3/2/2007 7/8/2008 Atlanta GA HAR-08-01 PDF Summary
Commuter Train Highway - Railroad Grade Crossing Accident 11/23/2005 6/10/2008 Elmwood Park lL HAB-08-03 PDF Full Text
Rear-End Chain Reaction Collision, Interstate 30 West 6/13/2004 2/25/2008 Sulphur Springs TX HAB-08-02 PDF Full Text
Frontal and Sideswipe Collision Between a School Bus and a Trash Truck on Columbia Pike 4/18/2005 12/21/2007 Arlington VA HAB-08-01 PDF Full Text
Rear-End Chain Reaction Collision, Interstate 94 East 7/16/2004 12/4/2007 Chelsea MI HAB-07-01 PDF Full Text
Ceiling Collapse in the Interstate 90 Connector Tunnel 7/10/2006 7/10/2007 Boston MA HAR-07-02 PB2007-916203 PDF Summary
Motorcoach Fire on Interstate 45 During Hurricane Rita Evacuation 9/23/2005 2/21/2007 Wilmer TX HAR-07-01 PB2007-916202 PDF Summary
Motorcoach Collision With the Alexandria Avenue Bridge Overpass George Washington Memorial Parkway 11/14/2004 11/21/2006 Alexandria VA HAR-06-04 PB2007-916201 PDF Summary
Passenger Vehicle Collision With a Fallen Overhead Bridge Girder 5/15/2004 5/31/2006 Golden CO HAB-06-01 PDF Full Text
Multivehicle Collision on Interstate 90, Hampshire-Marengo Toll Plaza 10/1/2003 4/18/2006 Hampshire IL HAR-06-03 PB2006-916203 PDF Summary
Passenger Vehicle Median Crossover and Head-On With Another Passenger Vehicle 5/1/2003 2/7/2006 Linden NJ HAR-06-02 PB2006-916202 PDF Summary
Collision Between a Ford Dump Truck and Four Passenger Cars 4/11/2003 2/7/2006 Glen Rock PA HAR-06-01 PB2006-916201 PDF Summary
Multiple Vehicle Collision on Interstate 95 1/17/2003 11/16/2005 Fairfield CT HAR-05-03 PB2005-916203 PDF Summary
Rear-End, Chain-Reaction Collisions at U.S. Border Patrol Checkpoint, Interstate Highway 87 2/22/2004 10/17/2005 North Hudson NY HAB-05-03 PDF Full Text
Motorcoach Median Crossover and Collision with Sport Utility Vehicle 2/14/2003 7/12/2005 Hewitt TX HAR-05-02 PB2005-916202 PDF Summary
Collision Between Passenger Vehicle and Tractor-Semitrailer 1/23/2003 6/20/2005 Belgrade MT HAB-05-02 PDF Full Text
Motorcoach Run-Off-The-Road Accident, Tallulah, Louisiana 10/13/2003 4/19/2005 Tallulah, LA HAR-05-01 PB2005-916201 PDF Summary
Multiple-Vehicle Collision and Fire on Interstate Highway 40 3/8/2002 3/7/2005 Cuervo NM HAB-05-01 PDF Full Text
U.S. Towboat Robert Y. Love Allision With Interstate 40 Highway Bridge 5/26/2002 8/31/2004 New Webber Falls OK HAR-04-05 PB2004-916205 PDF Summary
Rear-End Collision and Subsequent Vehicle Intrusion Into Pedestrian Space at Certified Farmers' Market 7/16/2003 8/31/2004 Santa Monica CA HAR-04-04 PB2004-916204 PDF Summary
Motorcoach Run-off-the-Road and Overturn 6/23/2002 8/3/2004 Victor NY HAR-04-03 PB2004-916203 PDF Summary
15-Passenger Child Care Van Run-Off-Road Accident 4/4/2002 4/7/2004 Memphis TN HAR-04-02 PB2004-916202 PDF Summary
School Bus Run-Off-Bridge Accident 10/13/2001 2/10/2004 Omaha NE HAR-04-01 PB2004-916201 PDF Summary
Collision of Metrolink Commuter Train and Stake Bed Truck 1/6/2003 12/2/2003 Burbank CA HAR-03-04 PB2003-916204 PDF Summary
15-Passenger Van Single-Vehicle Rollover 5/8/2001 and 7/1/2001 7/15/2003 Henrietta and Randleman TX and NC HAR-03-03 PB2003-916203 PDF Summary
Ford Explorer Sport Collision with Ford Windstar Minivan and Jeep Grand Cherokee on Interstate 95/495 2/1/2002 6/3/2003 Largo MD HAR-03-02 PB2003-916202 PDF Summary
Collision of a Greyhound Lines, Inc., Motorcoach And Delcar Trucking Truck Tractor-Semitrailer 6/9/2002 2/26/2003 Loraine TX HAR-03-01 PB2003-916201 PDF Summary
Motorcoach run-off-the-road 12/21/1999 12/17/2002 Canon City CO HAB-02-19 PDF Full Text
Single-Vehicle Motorcoach Rollover, Interstate Highway 24 8/19/2001 9/18/2002 Pleasant View TN HAB-02-18 PDF Full Text
Collision Between Truck-Tractor Semitrailer and School Bus 5/31/2001 9/4/2002 Mountainburg AR HAR-02-03 PB2002-916203 PDF Summary
Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Collision 12/3/1997 9/17/2002 Grantsville UT HAB-02-12 PDF Full Text
Rear-End Collision 2/17/1998 9/17/2002 Bothell WA HAB-02-14 PDF Full Text
Collision With School Bus 4/7/1998 9/17/2002 Chappell Hill TX HAB-02-16 PDF Full Text
Head-On Collision 1/10/1998 9/17/2002 Killeen TX HAB-02-13 PDF Full Text
Head-On Collision 3/3/1998 9/17/2002 Pollocksville NC HAB-02-15 PDF Full Text
Single Vehicle Run-Off-the-Road and Vault 10/13/1997 9/17/2002 Pine Bluff AR HAB-02-07 PDF Full Text
Sideswipe Collision With School Bus 11/3/1997 9/17/2002 Lancaster OH HAB-02-09 PDF Full Text
Collision With Jackknifed Semitrailer 11/16/1997 9/17/2002 Mendota CA HAB-02-11 PDF Full Text
Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Collision 10/9/1997 9/17/2002 Garden City GA HAB-02-06 PDF Full Text
Loss of Control on Downgrade and Collision of Load With School Bus 10/16/1997 9/17/2002 Franklin NC HAB-02-08 PDF Full Text
Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Collision 11/13/1997 9/17/2002 Blum TX HAB-02-10 PDF Full Text
Report of Grade Crossing Accident Regarding a Collision Between an Amtrak Train and a Tractor-Trailer Combination Vehicle 11/17/2000 7/23/2002 Intercession City FL HAR-02-02 PB2002-916202 PDF Summary
Loss of Control on Downgrade 8/13/1998 9/17/2002 Dunlap TN HAB-02-17 PDF Full Text
School Bus Run-off-the-road and Rollover near Herndon, Kentucky, November 30, 2000 11/30/2000 8/21/2002 Herndon KY HAB-02-04 PDF Full Text
School Bus Run-off-the-road and Rollover 11/3/2000 8/21/2002 Ganado AZ HAB-02-05 PDF Full Text
Collision in a Work Zone on Interstate Highway 40 (I-40) 7/26/2000 5/14/2002 Jackson TN HAR-02-01 PB2002-916201 PDF Summary
Single Vehicle Rollover, Texas State Highway 43 2/10/2000 5/9/2002 Karnack TX HAB-02-03 PDF Full Text
Single Vehicle Run-Off-Road Rollover, U.S. Route 101 1/2/2001 2/19/2002 San Miguel CA HAB-02-01 PDF Full Text
15-Passenger Van Median Crosssover and Impact with Truck 1/26/2001 2/22/2002 Joliet IL HAB-02-02 PDF Full Text
Collision of CSXT Freight Train and Murray County School District School Bus at Railroad/Highway Grade Crossing 3/28/2000 12/11/2001 Conasauga TN HAR-01-03 PB2001-916203 PDF Summary
Collision Between Metrolink Train 901 and Mercury Transportation, Inc., Tractor- Semitrailer at Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing 1/28/2000 11/27/2001 Glendale CA HAR-01-02 PB2001-916202 PDF Summary
Motorcoach Run-Off-The-Road 5/9/1999 8/28/2001 New Orleans LA HAR-01-01 PB2001-916201 PDF Summary
Motorcoach Loss of Control and Overturn, New Mexico State Route 475 3/2/1999 9/17/2001 Santa Fe NM HAB-01-01 PDF Full Text
School Bus and Dump Truck Collision 10/21/1999 11/14/2000 Central Bridge NY HAR-00-02 PB2000-916202 PDF Summary
Greyhound Motorcoach Run-Off-The-Road Accident 6/20/1998 1/5/2000 Burnt Cabins PA HAR-00-01 PB2000-916201 PDF Summary
Fire and Explosion of Highway Cargo Tanks, Stock Island 6/29/1998 1/5/2000 Key West FL HZM-99-01 PB99-917005 PDF Summary
Multiple Vehicle Crossover Accident Slinger 2/12/1997 7/24/1998 Slinger WI HAR-98-01 PB98-916203 PDF Summary
Collision of Tractor/Cargo Tank Semi- Trailer and Passenger Vehicle and Subsequent Fire 10/9/1997 7/24/1998 Yonkers NY HAR-98-02-SUM PB98-916202 PDF Summary
Bus Collision with Pedestrians 6/11/1997 2/19/1998 Normandy MO HAR-98-01-SUM PB98-916201 PDF Summary
Truck Loss of Braking Contol on Steep Downgrade and Collision with a Vehicle 4/25/1996 10/17/1997 Plymouth Meeting PA HAR-97-02-SUM PB97-916202 PDF Summary
Collision with a Pedestrian by a Utility Truck 11/26/1996 10/17/1997 Cosmopolis WA HAR-97-01-SUM PB97-916201 PDF Summary
Collision of Northeast (METRA) Train and Transportation Joint Agreement School District 47/155 School Bus at Railroad/ Highway Grade Crossing 10/25/1995 10/29/1996 Fox River Grove IL HAR-96-02 PB96-916202 PDF Summary
Highway/Rail Grade Crossing Collision 5/2/1995 3/11/1996 Sycamore SC HAR-96-01 PB96-916201 PDF Summary
Multiple Vehicle Collision with Fire during Fog near Milepost 118 on Interstate 40 1/9/1995 12/4/1995 Menifee AR HAR-95-03 PB95-916203   Summary
Propane Truck Collision with Bridge Column and Fire 7/27/1994 11/14/1995 White Plains NY HAR-95-02 PB95-916202 PDF Summary
Collision of Amtrak Train No. 88 with Rountree Transport and Rigging, Inc., Vehicle on CSX Transportation, Inc., Railroad 11/30/1993 5/16/1995 Intercession City FL HAR-95-01 PB95-916201 PDF Summary
Collision of Small School Bus and Tractor-Semitrailer 11/10/1993 11/29/1994 Snyder OK HAR-94-04 PB94-916204    
U.S. Towboat Chris Collision with the Judge William Seeber Bridge 5/28/1993 6/7/1994 New Orleans LA HAR-94-03 PPB94-916203   Summary
Tractor-Semitrailer Collision with Bridge Columns on Interstate 65 5/19/1993 4/21/1994 Evergreen AL HAR-94-02 PB94-916202   Summary
Gasoline Tank Truck/Amtrak Train Collison and Fire 5/17/1993 2/15/1994 Fort Lauderdale FL HAR-94-01 PB94-916201   Summary
Automatic Restraints September 1990-May 1992 HAB-94-01 PB94-155678
Charter Bus Loss Of Control Overturn and Fire 7/26/1992 6/23/1993 Vernon NJ HAR-93-02 PB93916202 PDF Summary
Mayflower Contract Services, Inc., Tour Bus Plunge from Tramway Road and Overturn Crash 7/31/1991 4/13/1993 Palm Springs CA HAR-93-01 PB93916201   Summary
Issue 1, 1993 Highway Accident Briefs HAB-93-01 PB93-218257
Multiple-Vehicle Collisions and Fire During Limited Visibility (FOG) On Interstate 75 12/11/1990 9/28/1992 Calhoun TN HAR-92-02 PB92-916202 Summary
Greyhound Bus Run-off-the-Road Accidents 6/26/1991 & 8/3/1991 3/13/1992 Donegal & Caroline PA & NY HAR-92-01 PB92-916201 Summary
Overturn of a Tractor-Semitrailer (Cargo Tank) with Release of Automotive Gasoline and Fire 2/13/1991 9/4/1991 Carmichael CA HZM-91-01 PB91-917004 PDF Summary
Multiple Vehicle Collision and Fire in a Work Zone on Interstate Highway 79 7/26/1990 5/16/1991 Sutton WV HAR-91-01 PB91-916201 Summary
Collapse of the Harrison Road Bridge Spans 5/26/1989 11/20/1990 Miamitown OH HAR-90-03 PB90-916203 Summary
Collision between Mission Consolidated Independent School District School Bus and Valley Coca-Cola bottling Company, Inc. Tractor-Semi Trailer Intersection of Bryan Road and Texas Farm-To-Market Road 676 9/21/1989 7/17/1990 Alton TX HAR-90-02 PB90-916202 Summary
Collapse of the Northbound U.S. Route 51 Bridge Spans over the Hatchie River 4/1/1989 6/5/1990 Covington TN HAR-90-01 PB90-916201 Summary
Puncture of a Cylinder Containing a Mixture of Methyl Bromide and Chloropicrin Following the Overturn of a Tractor/Semitrailer 11/30/1988 2/12/1990 Collier County FL HZM-90-01 PB90-917001
Collision of Amtrak Passenger Train No. 708 on Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway with Tab Warehouse and Distribution Co. Tractor-Semi Trailer 12/19/1989 10/23/1990 Stockton CA RHR-90-01 PB89-917007 Summary
Collapse of the S.R 675 Bridge Spans over the Pocomoke River 8/17/1988 11/7/1989 Pocomoke City MD HAR-89-04 PB89-916205 Summary
Consolidated Rail Corporation Train Collision with Island Transportation Corporation Truck, Roosevelt Avenue Grade Crossing near Lafayette Street 12/6/1988 10/24/1989 Carteret NJ RHR-89-01 PB-89-917004
Greyhound Lines, Inc., Intercity Bus Loss of Control and Overturn Interstate Highway 65 11/19/1988 8/8/1989 Nashville TN HAR-89-03 PB89-916204 Summary
Collision of Levy County, Florida School Bus and Airdrome Tire Centers, Inc., Truck 8/28/1987 5/1/1989 Bronson FL HAR-89-02 PB89-916202 Summary
Intercity-Type Buses Chartered for Service to Atlantic City 7/23/1988 4/25/1989 Atlantic City NJ HAR-89-01* PB89-916203 Summary
Pickup Truck/Church Activity Bus Head-on Collision and Fire 5/14/1988 3/28/1989 Carrollton KY HAR-89-01 PB89-916201 Summary
Academy lines, Inc., Intercity Bus Run-off-Roadway and Overturn 9/6/1987 5/24/1988 Middletown NJ HAR-88-03 PB88-916203 Summary
Collapse of New York Thruway (I-90) Bridge over the Schoharie Creek 4/5/1987 4/29/1988 Amsterdam NY HAR-88-02 PB88-916202 Summary
Tractor-Semitrailer/Intercity Bus Head-On Collision, Interstate 10 5/4/1987 2/2/1988 Beaumont TX HAR-88-01 PB88-916201 Summary
Impact with Arched Stone Overpass of 70-Passenger Double-decked Sightseeing Bus on the George Washington Memorial Parkway 4/4/1987 12/30/1987 Alexandria VA HAR-87-04-S PB87-916210 Summary
Multiple Collision with an Intercity Charter Bus, Passenger Car, and Transit Bus State Route 495 10/9/1986 10/27/1987 North Bergen NJ HAR-87-06 PB87-916209 Summary
Lincolnton, NC--February 17, 1986 2/17/1986 9/30/1987 Lincolnton NC HAR-87-03* PB87-916208
Trailways Lines, Inc., Intercity Bus Collision with Rising Fast Trucking Company, Inc., Interstate Highway to 40 7/14/1986 7/21/1987 Brinkley AR HAR-87-05 PB87-916207 Summary
Cargo Tank Overturn on the Capital Beltway, 1-95 9/6/1985 6/30/1987 Largo MD HAR-87-02-S PB87-916204 Summary
Intercity Tour Bus Loss of Control and Rollover Into the West Walker River 5/30/1986 6/19/1987 Walker CA HAR-87-04 PB87-916206 Summary
Charter Bus/Tractor-Semitrailer Rear-End Collision 9/29/1986 5/27/1987 Carney's Point NJ HAR-87-03 PB87-916205 Summary
Schoolbus-Loss of Control and Collision With Guard Rail and Sign Pillar, U.S. Highway 70 near Lucas and Hunt Road 11/11/1985 4/14/1987 St. Louis County MO HAR-87-02 PB87-916203 Summary
Intercity Bus Loss of Control and Collision With Bridge Rail on Interstate 70 8/25/1985 1/22/1987 Fredrick MD HAR-87-01 PB87-916201 Summary
Tractor-Semitrailer/Station Wagon Runway, Collision, and Fire 6/21/1985 8/8/1986 Van Buren AR HAR-86-03 PB86-916203 Summary
Multiple Vehichle Collision and Fire, U.S. 13 5/31/1985 8/5/1986 Snow Hill NC HAR-86-02 PB86-916202 Summary
Collapse of the U.S. 43 Chichasawbogue Bridge Spans 4/24/1985 4/17/1986 Mobile AL HAR-86-01 PB86-916201
Schoolbus Rollover, State Route 88 3/13/1985 12/10/1985 Jefferson NC HAR-85-05 PB85-916206 Summary
Collision of Tuba City School District Schoolbus and Bell Creek, Inc., Tractor- Semitrailer, US 160 4/29/1985 12/10/1985 Tuba City AZ HAR-85-06 PB85-916207 Summary
Overturn of a Tractor-Semitrailer, Transporting Torpedoes 8/1/1984 10/21/1985 Denver CO HZM-85-02 PB85-917015
Fatigue-Related Commercial Vehicle Accident - Cheyenne, Wyoming, July 18, 1984. Fatigue-Related Commercial Vehicle Accident 10/19/1984 6/25/1985 Junction City AR HAR-85-04 PB85-916205 Summary
Grade Crossing Collision of a Florida East Coast Railway Company Freight Train and an Indian River Academy Schoolbus 9/27/1984 6/12/1985 Port St. Luciey FL RHR-85-01 PB85-917007
Schoolbus Loss of Control Accidents in Miami, Florida, September 28, 1983. Schoolbus Loss of Control Accidents 4/12/1984 5/2/1985 Port St. Luciey AL HAR-85-03 PB85-916204 Summary
Release of Hazardous Waste Acid from Cargo Tank Truck 3/6/1984 3/19/1985 Orange County FL HZM-85-01 PB85-917003 Summary
Collision of Isle of Wight County, Virginia Schoolbus with Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Co. Freight Train State Rte 615 4/12/1984 1/25/1985 Carrsville VA HAR-85-02 PB85-916202 Summary
Collision of DeQueen, Arkansas Police Patrol Car and Terrell Trucking, Inc., Tractor-Semi-Trailer U.S. Route 71 7/5/1984 10/30/1984 Ashdown AR HAR-84-07 PB84-916207 Summary
Collision of Amtrak Passenger Train No. 301 on Illinois Central Gulf Railroad with Marquette Motor Service Terminals, Inc., Truck 7/28/1983 10/16/1984 Wilmington IL HAR-84-02 PB84-917008
Collision of G & D Auto Sales, Inc., Tow Truck Towing Automobile, Branch Motor Express Company Tractor-Semi-Trailer 1/10/1984 9/5/1984 Rehoboth MA HAR-84-05 PB84-916205 Summary
Activity Bus/Tractor-Cargo Tank Semi- Trailer Collision, State Route 61 12/23/1983 9/5/1984 Devers TX HAR-84-06 PB84-916206 Summary
Collision of Amtrak Train No. 88 with Tractor Lowboy Semitrailer Combination Truck 8/25/1983 8/9/1984 Rowland NC RHR-84-01 PB84-917005 Summary
Trailways Lines, Inc., Bus/E.A. Holder, Inc., Truck, Rear End Collision and Bus Run-Off-Bridge, U.S. Route 59 11/30/1983 7/12/1984 Livingston TX HAR-84-04 PB84-916204 Summary
Collapse of a Suspended Span of Inter- state Route 95 Highway Bridge over the Mianus River 6/28/1983 7/19/1984 Greenwich CT HAR-84-03 PB84-916203 Summary
Valley Supply Co. Truck Towing Farm Plow Anchor Motor Freight Inc. Car Carrier Truck/NY State Assoc. for Retarded Children 4/5/1983 4/3/1984 Holmesville NY HAR-84-01 PB84-916201 Summary
Samual Coraluzzo Co., Inc., Tractor Cargo Tank Semi-Trailer Mechanical Failure Overturn, and Fire Interstate 76 10/7/1983 4/3/1984 Philadelphia PA HAR-84-02 PB84-916202 Summary
Collision of Humbolt County Dump Truck and Klamath Trinity Unified District Schoolbus State Route 96 2/24/1983 12/5/1983 Willow Creek CA HAR-83-05 PB83-916205 Summary
Multiple Vehicle Collisions and Fires Under Limited Visibility Conditions Interstate Route 75 2/28/1983 10/18/1983 Ocala FL HAR-83-04 PB83-916204 Summary
Jonesboro School District Schoolbus Run- Off Road and Overturn, State Highway 214 at State Highway 18 3/25/1983 9/20/1983 Newport AR HAR-83-03 PB83-916203 Summary
Multiple Vehicle Collisions and Fire Caldecott Tunnel 4/7/1982 5/3/1983 Oakland CA HAR-83-01 PB83-916201 Summary
J.C. Sales, Inc., Tractor-Semi-Trailer Calvary Baptist Church Van Collision - State Route 198 at 19th Avenue 10/8/1982 5/3/1983 Lemoore CA HAR-83-02 PB83-916202 Summary
Automobile/Missouri Pacific Railroad Freight Train Collision, Woodland Drive 7/9/1982 1/11/1983 Lake View AR RHR-83-01 PB83-917001
Pattison Head Start Center School Van Run off Bridge and Fire 12/17/1981 9/22/1982 Hermanville MS HAR-82-05 PB82-916205 Summary
Truck Engine Fuel Tank Puncture by Bridge Repair Plate, Diesel Spill & Mutiple Vehicle Skidding Collisions 8/27/1981 7/15/1982 Lake Charles LA HAR-82-04 PB82-916204 Summary
Collision of a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Commuter Train with a Gasoline Truck 1/2/1982 10/19/1982 Southampton PA RHR-82-03 PB82-917005
Long Island Railroad, Commuter Train/ Ford Van Collision 3/14/1982 10/14/1982 Mineola NY RHR-82-02 PB82-917004
Air Florida, Inc., Boeing 737-222, N62AF, Collision with 14th Street Bridge, near Washington Nat'l Airport 1/13/1982 8/10/1982 Washington DC AAR-82-08 PB82-910408 Summary
Pacific Intermountain Express Tractor cargo Tank Semi-Trailer Eagle/F.B. Truck Lines, Inc., Tractor Lowboy Semi-Trailer Coll. & Fire 11/14/1981 6/22/1982 Canon City UT HAR-82-03 PB82-916203 Summary
Herman Duvall Tractor-Pole Semi-Trailer/ SL & B Academy, Inc., Schoolbus Collision U.S. Rte. 45 10/12/1981 6/26/1982 Waynesboro MS HAR-82-02 PB82-916202 Summary
Collision of North American Van Lines Tractor-Semi-Trailer & Ford Van in Construction Zone Ohio Turnpike 7/22/1981 3/24/1982 Cleveland OH HAR-82-01 PB82-916201 Summary
Miller Transporters Inc., Tractor Cargo Tank Semitrailer/Southern Railway System Freight Train Collision and Fire 9/15/1981 3/9/1982 Huntsville AL RHR-82-01 PB82-917001
Issue 2, 1980 Highway Accident Briefs 11/10/1981 HAB-81-01 PB82-139379
ARA Services, Inc., Tour Bus, Denali National Park and Preserve 6/15/1981 9/29/1981 Mount McKinley National Park AK HAR-81-07 PB82-131707 Summary
D&J Transportation Company Commuter Bus Run Off Broadway I-95 2/18/1981 8/25/1981 Triangle VA HAR-81-06 PB82-102385
Railroad/Highway Grade Crossing Accidents Involving Trucks Transporting Hazardous Materials. 9/24/1981 HZM-81-02 PB82-113432
Continental Trailways, Inc., Scheduled Intercity Bus/Multiple-Vehicle Collision and Fire Interstate Route 95 4/20/1981 9/15/1981 Beltsville MD HAR-81-05 PB82-117524 Summary
East Side Church of Christ Bus Skid and Overturn U.S. Route 183 10/16/1980 7/22/1981 Luling TX HAR-81-04 PB81-233462 Summary
Direct Transit Lines, Inc., Tractor- Semi-Trailer/Multi-Vehicle Collision and Fire U.S. Route 40 2/18/1981 7/7/1981 Frostburg MD HAR-81-03 PB81-243917 Summary
Multiple Vehicle Collisions and fire In Fog Interstate 15 11/10/1980 6/10/1981 San Bernardino CA HAR-81-02 PB81-218869 Summary
Illinois Central Gulf Railroad and Mobile Oil Company Tractor/Cargo-Tank Semitrailer Collision and Fire 11/25/1980 5/29/1981 Kenner LA RHR-81-01 PB81-221376
Texas Bus Lines, Inc. Charter Bus State Route 7 6/5/1980 1/21/1981 Jasper AR HAR-81-01 PB81-178410 Summary
Issue 1, 1980 Highway Accident Briefs 1980 11/25/1980 HAB-80-03 PB80-000000
B & J Trucking Company Truck Tractor/ Coachella Valley Unified School District Schoolbus Collision, State Route 86 4/23/1980 9/29/1980 Coachella CA HAR-80-06 PB81-140071 Summary
Multiple Vehicle Collision and Fire U.S. Route 101 3/3/1980 9/9/1980 Los Angeles CA HAR-80-05 PB81-104762 Summary
Head On Collision of Auto and Pickup Truck U.S. Route 64 2/23/1980 8/26/1980 Perry OK HAR-80-04 PB81-104069 Summary
Two Vehicle Collision and fire U.S. Route 422 9/22/1979 4/3/1980 Indiana PA HAR-80-03 PB82-171604 Summary
Van/Slow-Moving Farm Vehicle Collision U.S. Route 6/50 9/12/1979 3/20/1980 Delta UT HAR-80-02 PB80-183031
Multiple Vehicle Collision in a Construction Zone U.S. Interstate 80 8/22/1979 2/7/1980 Laramie WY HAR-80-01 PB80-148794 Summary
Issue 2, 1979 Highway Accident Briefs 1979 1/25/1980 HAB-80-01 PB80-145709
Issue 3, 1979 Highway Accident Briefs 1979 1/25/1980 HAB-80-02 PB80-145717
Multiple Vehicle Median Barrier Crossover and Collision Grand Central Parkway 6/8/1979 11/21/1979 New York NY HAR-79-08 PB80-141435 Summary
Issue 1, 1979 Highway Accident Briefs 1979 10/11/1979 HAB-79-01 PB80-110141
Cross Median, Mutiple Vehicle Collision and fire, State Route 2 5/6/1979 9/20/1979 Cleveland OH HAR-79-07 PB-300914/AS Summary
Ford Courier Pickup Truck Fixed Object Collision Patuxent Road 4/23/1979 9/6/1979 Crofton MD HAR-79-06 PB-300545/AS Summary
Stationwagon Penetration of Bridgerail, I-10 11/11/1978 6/7/1979 Alhambra CA HAR-79-05 PB-297564/AS Summary
Ross Ambulance Service, Ambulance Overturn, State Route 116 8/22/1978 5/3/1979 Littleton NH HAR-79-04 PB-296889/AS Summary
Gateway Transportation Company, Inc., Tractor-Semitrailer Penentration of Median Barrier and Collision with Automobile, I-70 9/25/1977 3/22/1979 St. Louis MO HAR-79-03 PB-295053/AS
Overturn of an Ypsilanti, Michigan, Boys Club Bus, I-75 4/11/1978 3/8/1979 Tifton GA HAR-79-02 PB-294004/AS Summary
Osterkamp Trucking, Inc., Truck/Full Trailer and Dodge Van Collision, US 91 8/26/1977 2/22/1979 Scipio UT HAR-79-01 PB-293501/AS Summary
Kohler Company Tractor Semi-Trailer/ Pickup Truck Collision, U.S. Route 226 1/25/1978 9/21/1978 Marion NC HAR-78-06 PB-287116/AS Summary
Cates Trucking, Inc., Tractor- Semi-Trailor/Multiple Vehcile Collision and Override, I-285 6/20/1977 9/14/1978 Atlanta GA HAR-78-05 PB-287572/AS Summary
Usher Transport, Inc., Tractor-Cargo- Tank-Semi-Trailer Overturn and Fire, State Route 11 9/24/1977 7/6/1978 Beattyville KY HAR-78-04 PB-284817/AS PDF Summary
Ford Construction Company Truck- Semi-Trailer/Dodge Van Collision 5/12/1977 5/4/1978 Marion NC HAR-78-03 PB-282426/AS Summary
Seaboard Coast Line/Amtrak Passenger Train/Pickup Truck Collision 10/2/1977 12/8/1978 Plant City FL RHR-79-02 PB-291807/AS
Collision of a Louisiana & Arkansas Railway Freight Train and a L. V. Rhymes Tractor-Semitrailer 12/28/1977 6/8/1978 Goldonna LA RHR-78-01 PB-283476/AS
Midas Mini Motor Home/Automobile Collision, U.S. Route 69 7/14/1977 4/13/1978 McAlester OK HAR-78-02 PB-282171/AS Summary
Tractor-Semi-Trailer/Schoolbus Collision and Overturn 3/8/1977 2/23/1978 Rustburg VA HAR-78-01 PB-277990/AS Summary
U.S. Tankship SS Marine Floridan Collision with Benjamin Harrison Memorial Bridge 2/24/1977 1/26/1978 Hopewell VA MAR-78-01 PB-293237/AS
Long transportation Company, Tractor- Semi-Trailer Collision with Multiple Vehicles 8/20/1976 12/22/1977 Valley View OH HAR-77-03 PB-277986/AS Summary
Collision of an Amtrak/Atchison, Topeka and SantaFe Railway Train and a Tractor- Cargo Tank Semitrailer 12/15/1976 12/15/1977 Marland OK RHR-77-03 PB-277960/AS
Collision of a Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company Freight Train with an Automobile 7/1/1976 11/3/1977 Des Moines IA RHR-77-02 PB-277041/AS
Student Transportation Lines, Inc., Charter Bus Climbing of Bridge Rail and Overtun 5/21/1976 9/29/1977 Martinez CA HAR-77-02 PB-275193/AS Summary
Collision of a Burlington Northern Freight Train with a Bus 8/8/1976 8/11/1977 Stratton NE RHR-77-01 PB-277042/AS
Transport Company of Texas, Tractor Semitrailer (Tank) Collision with Bridge Column and Sudden Dispersal of Anhydrous Ammonia Cargo 5/11/1976 4/14/1977 Houston TX HAR-77-01 PB-268251 PDF Summary
Collision of a Baltimore & Ohio Freight Train with a Pickup Truck 2/7/1976 8/25/1976 Beckemeyer IL RHR-76-03 PB-258255/AS
Union Oil Company of California, Tank Truck and Full Trailer Overturn and Fire 12/4/1975 7/28/1976 Seattle WA HAR-76-07 PB-257913/AS Summary
Special Investigation - Metropolitan Coach Corporation, Charter Bus Accident 10/11/1975 6/9/1976 Bethesda MD HAR-76-06 PB-255062
Collision of Hubert Roten Trucking Company Truck and Skinner Corp. Bus 6/6/1975 5/12/1976 Hamilton GA HAR-76-05 PB-254566/AS Summary
Collision of a Crown-Trygg Construction Company Truck with an Amtrak Passenger Train 11/19/1975 5/12/1976 Elwood IL RHR-76-02 PB-254808/AS
Surtigas, S.A., Tank-Semitrailer Overturn, Explosion, and Fire 4/29/1975 5/5/1976 Eagle Pass TX HAR-76-04 PB-254034/AS Summary
Automobile Collision with and Collapse of the Yadkin River Bridge 2/23/1975 4/22/1976 Siloa NC HAR-76-03 PB-253359/AS Summary
Collision of Winnebago Motor Home with Bridge Column 7/1/1975 3/3/1976 Monroe MI HAR-76-02 PB-252270/AS Summary
Southern Pacific Transportation Company Freight Train/Automobile Grade Crossing Collision 3/9/1975 2/17/1976 Tracy CA RHR-76-01 PB-251485/AS
Sisiyou Union High School District Schoolbus/Automobile Collision and Rollover, I-5 5/9/1975 1/7/1976 Ashland OR HAR-76-01 PB-250050/AS Summary
Special Investigation, UMTA Prototype Bus Fire 5/13/1975 12/5/1975 Phoenix AZ HAR-75-08 PB-248776/AS
Multiple Vehicle Collisions in Fog 2/28/1975 11/5/1975 Corona CA HAR-75-07 PB-247837/AS Summary
Immigration and Naturalization Service Multipurpose Vehicle/T. J. Produce Company Truck Collision 3/8/1974 9/4/1975 El Centro CA HAR-75-06 PB-246296/AS Summary
Francisco Flores Truck/Pickup Truck with Camper and Trailer Collision, U.S. Route 395 6/29/1974 8/14/1975 Bishop CA HAR-75-05 PB-245737/AS Summary
Collision of the Southern Railway Work Train with a Polk District Schoolbus 10/23/1974 7/7/1975 Aragon GA RHR-75-01 PB-244467/AS
Deaton Company, Inc., Truck/Automobile Collision, Chattahoochee River Bridge, I-20 8/21/1973 5/21/1975 Atlanta GA HAR-75-04 PB-243597/AS Summary
George Wollman Meats, Inc., Truck/Auto/ Greyhound Bus Collision and Fire, New Jersey Turnpike 10/19/1973 3/12/1975 Bordentown NJ HAR-75-03 PB-241989/AS Summary
Jesus Ayala Schoolbus Type Bus Run off Roadway/Drainage Ditch Submergence 1/15/1974 3/5/1975 Blythe CA HAR-75-01 PB-241749/AS Summary
Series of Multi-Vehicle Collisions and Fires Under Limited Visibility Conditions 10/23/1973 3/5/1975 New Jersey Turnpike NJ HAR-75-02 PB-241574/AS Summary
Greyhound Lines Bus Collision with Concrete Overpass Support Column on I-880, San Juan Overpass 11/3/1973 12/13/1974 Sacramento CA HAR-74-05 PB-239213/AS
Hoppy's Oil Service, Inc., Truck Overturn and Fire, State Route 128 10/18/1973 10/2/1974 Braintree MS HAR-74-04 PB-237259/AS PDF Summary
Automobile Intrusion Onto the Long Island Railroad Electrified Tracks and Fire 8/8/1973 9/5/1974 Garden City NY HAR-74-03 PB-236267/AS Summary
Automobile Crash off the Silliman Evans Bridge, I-24/65 7/27/1973 6/13/1974 Nashville TN HAR-74-02 PB-234406/AS Summary
Wilmeth Cattle Company Truck/Bridge Transportation Enterprises, Inc. Bus, U.S. 60-84 12/26/1972 2/27/1974 Fort Sumner NM HAR-74-01 PB-231852/AS Summary
Greyhound Bus/Malone Freight Lines, Inc. Truck Collision, U.S. Route 11W 5/13/1972 10/25/1973 Bean Station TN HAR-73-05 PB-227608/AS Summary
Mutiple Vehicle Collision, Followed by Propylene Cargo Tank Explosion 9/21/1972 10/17/1973 FNew Jersey Turnpike NJ HAR-73-04 PB-225032/AS PDF Summary
Penn Central Freight Train/Schoolbus Collision 3/24/1972 3/21/1973 Congers NY RHR-73-01 PB-221137
Propane Tractor Semitrailer Overturn and Fire, U.S. Route 501 3/9/1972 5/24/1973 Lynchburg VA HAR-73-03 PB-221986 PDF Summary
Runoff and Overturn of Intercity Bus on Interstate 95 9/3/1972 2/22/1973 Richmond VA HAR-73-02 PB-218657
Bus/Station Wago Collision, Followed by Bus Overturn, U.S. Route 66 10/10/1971 1/31/1973 Marshfield MO HAR-73-01 PB-216621 Summary
Tank Truck Combination Overturn onto Volkswagon Microbus, Followed by Fire: U.S. Route 611, Moscow, Pennsylvania, September 5, 1971. 10/10/1971 1/31/1973 Marshfield MO HAR-73-01 PB-216621 Summary
Automobile Truck Collision Followed by Fire and Explosion of Dynamite Cargo on U.S. Highway 78 6/4/1971 9/21/1972 Waco GA HAR-72-05 PB-213129 Summary
Mutiple Vehicle Collision and Fires, U.S. 101 8/18/1971 7/6/1972 Ventura CA HAR-72-04 PB-211597 Summary
Truck Automobile Collision Involving Spilled Methyl-Bromide on U.S. 90 8/8/1971 6/1/1972 Gretna FL HAR-72-03 PB-211596 Summary
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Passenger Train No. 212 Collision with Stillwater Milling Co. Motortruck at 116th St. N. Grade 4/5/1971 5/24/1972 Collisville OK RHR-72-01 PB-210992
Schoolbus/Automobile Collision and Fire 2/29/1972 4/12/1972 Reston VA HAR-72-02 PB-209260
Airport Police Cruiser - Automobile Collision on Dulles Airport Access Road, Exit No. 1 4/22/1971 3/15/1972 Chantilly VA HAR-72-01 PB-209699
Truck Automobile Underride Collision on Interstate Route I-495 near Maryland Route 450 6/19/1970 9/16/1971 New Carrollton MD HAR-71-09 PB-204474 Summary
Chartered Bus Crash on U.S. Route 22 (Interstate 78) 7/15/1970 9/8/1971 New Smithville PA HAR-71-08 PB-204473 Summary
Accidental Mixing of Incompatible Chemicals, Followed by Mutiple Fatalities, During a Bulk Delivery 4/2/1971 8/26/1971 Berwick ME HAR-71-07 PB-203402 Summary
Illinois Central Railroad Company, Train No. 1, Collision with Gasoline Tank Truck at South Second Street Grade Crossing 1/24/1970 7/8/1971 Loda IL RHR-71-01 PB-202869
Liquefied Oxygen Tank Truck Explosion Followed by Fires 5/30/1970 5/12/1971 Brooklyn NY HAR-71-06 PB-200820
Interstate Bus Automobile Collision and Rollover on Indiana Route 57 11/24/1969 2/10/1971 Petersburg IN HAR-71-04 PB-199380 Summary
Two Car Collision, Southern Approach to Golden Gate Bridge 7/11/1970 2/10/1971 San Francisco CA HAR-71-05 PB-198384
Multiple Vehicle Collisions, Under Fog Conditions, Followed by Fires 11/29/1969 1/20/1971 New Jersey Turnpike NJ HAR-71-03 PB-198308 PDF Summary
Airport Transport Bus - Automobile Collision, Dulles Airport Access Road 6/9/1970 12/31/1970 Dulles VA HAR-71-02 PB-198076 Summary
Chartered Interstate Bus Crash, Interstate Route I-80S 12/26/1968 1/23/1970 Beaver Falls PA HAR- PB-190211
Collapse of U.S. 35 Highway Bridge 12/15/1967 8/26/1971 Point Pleasant WV HAR-71-01 PB-190202 Summary
Interstate Bus Automobile Collision on Interstate Route 15 3/7/1968 12/18/1968 Baker CA HAR- PB-190207
Waterloo, Nebraska, Public School, School Bus and Union Pacific Railroad Company Freight Train Accident 10/2/1967 9/18/1968 Waterloo NE HAR- PB-190204
Boston and Main Corp., Single Diesel- Powered Passenger Car 563 Collision with Oxbow Transport Co Tank Truck, at 2nd Street RHWY 12/28/1966 12/28/1967 Everett MA RHR- PB-190212
Motor Carrier Highway Accident 8/12/1967 12/28/1967 Joliet IL HAR- PB-190203