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Accident Reports
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 Accident Reports

Accident Reports are one of the main products of an NTSB investigation. Reports provide details about the accident, analysis of the factual data, conclusions and the probable cause of the accident, and the related safety recommendations. Most reports focus on a single accident, though the NTSB also produces reports addressing issues common to a set of similar accidents.

Most Recent Reports

Listing of accident reports for NTSB (National Transportation and Safety Board)
Report NumberNTSB TitleAccident DateReport DateCityStateCountryOtherReport
 Preliminary Report: Highway: HWY16MH0208/2/2016 9/15/2016Livingston
CA USA  Merced CountyPDF
ASR1604 Safety Recommendation Report: Emergency Training for Air Traffic Controllers 8/25/2016Multiple
Multiple   PDF
SPC1601 Safer Seas Digest 2015 8/17/2016
MAB1614 Marine Accident Brief: Sinking of Fishing Vessel Capt Richie Rich8/30/2015 8/17/2016Point au Fer
LA USA  29°15.0’N, 91°32.0’WPDF
MAB1615 Marine Accident Brief: Sinking of Deck Barge Margaret8/31/2015 8/17/2016Convent
LA USA  30°01.9’N, 90° 50.1’WPDF
MAB-16-12 Fire on board Fishing Vessel Northern Pride, with Subsequent Capsizing4/21/2015 8/12/2016
AK   Gulf of AlaskaPDF
MAB-16-13 Collision between Towing Vessel William E Strait and Margaret Ann Tow12/14/2015 8/12/2016
   Lower Mississippi River (LMR), mile marker 727.4PDF
 Preliminary Report, Highway HWY16MH0197/2/2016 8/9/2016St. Marks
MAB1611 Marine Accident Brief: Collision of Articulated Tug and Barge Lucia/Caribbean, Assisted by Tugboat William S, with Multiple Barges1/15/2016 8/9/2016New Orleans
LA USA  Lower Mississippi River, near mile* marker 96.5PDF
 Preliminary Report: Highway HWY16MH0146/7/2016 7/29/2016Cooper Township
MI USA  Kalamazoo CountyPDF
 Preliminary Report, ​Highway HWY16FH0185/7/2016 7/26/2016Williston
HAB-16-05 Passenger Vehicle/School Bus Collision and Roadway Departure9/15/2015 7/20/2016Houston
 ​Highway Preliminary Accident Report HWY16MH0115/14/2016 7/14/2016Laredo
 ​Collision of two BNSF trains6/28/2016 7/13/2016Panhandle
ASR-16-03 Safety Recommendation Report: Improving Pilot and Aviation Medical Examiner Knowledge of Cataract Hazards12/26/2013 7/11/2016Fresno
MAB-16-09 Collision between US Coast Guard Cutter Key Largo and Fishing Vessel Sea Shepherd, with Subsequent Sinking of Sea Shepherd9/23/2014 7/11/2016Vieques Island
PR   Virgin Passage, 9 miles east-northeast of Vieques IslandPDF
MAB-16-07 Capsizing and Sinking of Fishing Vessel Hawaii Five-111/25/2015 6/30/2016
   Gulf of Mexico, 161 miles northeast of Cozumel, MexicoPDF
MAB-16-10 Collision between St. Louis Express & Hammersmith Bridge2/22/2015 6/30/2016Hansweert
 Netherlands  Western Scheldt RiverPDF
MAB-16-08 Breakaway of Bulk Carrier Privocean and Subsequent Collision with Tanker Bravo and Tugboat Texas4/6/2015 6/29/2016Convent
LA   Mile marker 161, Lower Mississippi RiverPDF
MAR1601 Collision between Bulk Carrier Conti Peridot and Tanker Carla Maersk Houston Ship Channel near Morgan’s Point, Texas3/9/2015 6/20/2016Morgan's Point
MAB-16-06 Collision between Passenger Vessel Diamond Edge and Liftboat B.W. Haley3/2/2015 6/13/2016
LA   Freshwater Bayou Safety Fairway, Gulf of MexicoPDF
AAR-16-01 Aerodynamic Stall and Loss of Control During Approach, Embraer EMB-500, N100EQ12/8/2014 6/7/2016Gaithersburg
RAR-16-02 Derailment of Amtrak Passenger Train 1885/12/2015 5/17/2016Philadelphia
HAB-16-04 ​Highway Accident Brief: Collision of Two School Buses with Subsequent Rollover12/2/2014 5/5/2016Knoxville
TN Knox County  Asheville Highway (State Route 9), near John Sevier Highway (State Route 168)PDF
RAR-16-01 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority L’Enfant Plaza Station Electrical Arcing and Smoke Accident1/12/2015 5/3/2016Washington
MAB-16-05 Collision between the Tows of Towing Vessels Capt. Shorty C and Jackie7/20/2015 4/28/2016Port Bolivar
TX   Entrance to Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, Galveston BayPDF
HAB-16-03 ​Highway Accident Brief: Bus roadway departure and collision with moving train1/14/2015 4/21/2016Penwell
TX Ector County  Interstate 20PDF
ASR-16-02 Safety Recommendation Report: Crash-Resistant Fuel Systems on Airbus Helicopters 4/19/2016
 Preliminary Report: Railroad DCA16FR0074/3/2016 4/18/2016Chester
 ​Preliminary Report: Railroad DCA16MR0043/14/2016 4/5/2016Cimarron
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