On July 10, 2012, at 2025 central daylight time, a McHargue Buckeye Dream powered parachute, N2552G, collided with powerlines on takeoff from a private airstrip in Central City, Nebraska. The pilot received serious injuries and the passenger received minor injuries. The powered parachute was substantially damaged. The local flight was being conducted under 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91 without a flight plan. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The flight was originating at the time of the accident.

The pilot stated that he does not remember the events surrounding the accident. The airstrip used for takeoff was on the pilot’s property. He stated that the powerlines run north/south and the airstrip runs east/west. The pilot stated that during takeoffs, he normally turns prior to reaching the powerlines.

The passenger stated he was in the rear seat and the pilot was in the front seat. He stated he was looking over his shoulder at the chute during the takeoff when he felt a “tug” to the right. The nose of the aircraft pulled 90 degrees to the right, and then straightened back out to the east. He then heard the engine power decrease and the aircraft descended. The aircraft went under the powerlines with the parachute contacting the wires. The aircraft swung backwards and the parachute separated from the powerlines at which time the aircraft impacted the terrain.

The passenger stated there was little to no wind at the time of the takeoff.

The pilot reported there were no mechanical issues with the aircraft at the time of the accident.

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