The pilot reported to the National Transportation Safety Board investigator that he departed with the intention of flying around the traffic pattern to maintain his flying currency. After a few minutes, he approached runway 23 and attempted to land.

The pilot stated that the wind was from a northerly direction at 7-10 knots and was gusty. The pilot entered a sideslip to maintain runway alignment. As the airplane crossed the threshold, it suddenly lost lift. It descended until impacting the runway, bounced, and nosed over.

The airplane came to rest in an inverted attitude adjacent to the south side of the runway, about 350 feet upwind of the runway's landing threshold. The airplane's rudder and wing lift struts were bent.

During interviews with the Safety Board investigator, the pilot indicated that no mechanical malfunctions were experienced with the airplane, and its engine operated normally. The pilot also reported that he was flying his airplane as a light sport airplane, and no aviation medical certificate was required.

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