On January 3, 2008, at 1545 eastern standard time, a Costruzioni Aeronautiche Techna P2002 Sierra, certificated Light Sport airplane, N26WR, lost engine power during final approach and collided with the ground during the subsequent forced landing, at the Bay Bridge Airport (W29), Stevensville, Maryland. The airplane was substantially damaged. The commercial pilot was not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the personal flight. The airplane was registered to and operated by CSP Leasing LLC under the provision of Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 91. The flight originated from W29 at 1440.

The pilot stated that during approach to W29 he reported downwind, base, and then final to runway 29. At about 100 feet above ground level he reduced the engine power to idle and subsequently lost engine power. He then made an emergency landing in a field short of runway 29.

Examination of the airplane by a Federal Aviation Administration inspector, and the engine's manufacturer revealed that there were 10 gallons of AVGAS in the wing tanks. During the examination of the engine the mechanical settings of the carburetor mixture and throttle stop were found to be out of adjustment. According to the Rotax maintenance manual the carburetor adjustments and synchronization should be checked at the 100-hour inspection. Review of the engine maintenance logbook revealed that the 100-hour inspection was conducted on December 17, 2007 at a Hobbs and total time of 113.4 hours, 19 flight hours before the accident. There were no recorded entries of the carburetor inspection or adjustment.

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